Golden State Media concepts technology podcast covers everything tag the hottest mobile phones tablets games we review it Bradon tested whether your Microsoft or Apple Android or iPhone will give it to you one good state media concepts technology podcast hello everybody this is Jay back to bring you more technology news so um there’s a lot of apps out there.

A lot of different apps a lot of different things there’s actually a few apps that you know can track your mileage so say if you travel a lot if you drive a lot.
Like I had you do for one of my jobs.

You get a track your mileage on it you know and there and oh say how many miles you’ve gone you know and all that stuff and basically you know you can take it back to your employer and go hey I drove this much for you you know reimburse me so the team that is behind one of these mileage tracking apps called mile IQ which is a company that Microsoft happened to acquire just a few years ago has come out with.

A new app this time their focus is not on tracking your miles but rather your expenses so this new app which is you know quite simply just called spent is on the App Store now and it offers automatic expense tracking for like work reimbursement purposes or for your taxes so this isn’t this this doesn’t claim to be some part of some giant grand Microsoft plan to take on expense tracking industry giants like.

Expensify or the S AP own pen they don’t really plan on doing that they said at least not at this time this new app you know looks pretty well designed and it seems pretty easy to use and like most expense trackers it’ll offer features like the ability to take photos of your receipts there’ll.

Be expensed categorization features and of course reporting so.

This app automatically tracks all your expenses from like a linked credit card or bank account you can then swipe on the expenses to mark them as personal or business these expenses automatically get categorized and you can also add extra tags for extra organization you can.

Purchases you can split the expenses and you can customize the expense categories in a in addition to tags and the app can also generate expense reports.

For you on a weekly monthly or even a custom base which can then be exported onto a spreadsheet or PDFs there’s also a web.

You’re using the app at your computer but spend doesn’t appear on the mile iq main website at this time it does however have a support site they the company says of course this is a an early version and they plan to revise it tweak it and fine-tune it going forward as you know the app gets is being.

Made so really this sounds like an interesting app idea I don’t know if it’s this if it’s necessary though but then again I haven’t really ever had an expense account at any job I’ve had nor can I think of a moment where I’ve had to set up stuff like this for such a thing like usually like you know closest I.
Get is on my bank Oh see okay I spent this much at this time this much at.

That time and the bank owes to tell me hey did you spend this I can say no no I did not that wasn’t me you know I’ve had that kind of stuff happen before but I guess for people who do travel for work a lot you know and make expenses for work this could be a great thing like it said.

It’s not the only one out there though but you know I trust Microsoft I have Microsoft products you know my.

Laptop and I’ve used their applications in the past I like where most times said applications are free they don’t cost you anything and it sounds like there isn’t any extra cost to.

This as far as I can tell right now which i think is a great thing because usually people have to use something like this you know they’re probably not you know making as much money at said job is it like anyway.

Maybe again I could be wrong but I do know that it’s it sounds pretty simple to use.

It sounds pretty easy to use Microsoft usually knows what they’re doing with their applications and I could see where the at like you know where.

Helpful to people in certain different career fields you know I have family members who travel all the time.

And you know they probably do have a lot of stuff that can mark his work expenses.

Really I’ve only just started doing that lately only recently if I you know started to like expect like you.
Know like make notes of stuff work and that’s just for my taxes I’ve never.

Thought of doing that but it’s only the last.

Year I went oh yeah there’s certain things I do.

Like you know the gas I spend going to conventions or you know the places I stay.

At that I’m like hey these could be written off as you know tax deductions or expenses like you know like because it’s not being covered by you know my job one.

Of my jobs is just not so I just started recently doing that and I don’t know how to work out but I know that it’s something.

That I probably should have been doing years ago just.

Never clicked in my head to do it and if I had had an app.

Like this maybe I would have done it sooner because it sounds.

Like it’s a pretty easy to use app you take pictures of you know the it tracks all the spending for you so you can know hey how much are you spending you can probably go to a.

You know printer which most printers nowadays have a feature where you can print off.

Your phone to the printer so it probably has that compatibility there and it sounds like it’s something that you need to take during tax time to.

Your accountant or your you know company accountant company or you know payroll whatever and just have them like you know you can see hey this is how much I spent this year and I’d like this reimburse please or get a write-off for it or however they want to do it right and.

I don’t see anything wrong with that I think that you know because lesson times life can be hectic and stressful enough and if there’s something that makes some of this stuff a little bit easier I’m all for it but like it was said and it’s true of most apps you.

Know it’s not perfect yet it still probably has some fine-tuning and some bug’s to work out.

Like most apps and like I’ve said on previous episodes like most technology in general you.

Know you don’t always want to go run out and.

Buy the brand most Brandes spanking newest thing because it may not be perfectly tuned yet there may still be some bugs to be fixed out there and maybe some updates along the way may help do that and it sounds like this app is no different I’m not personally a real big app user I’m just not but I know that mostly apps I’ve used in the past I haven’t had.

Any problems with but like I said I don’t run out and.

You know get apps because it’s just I’m not always in.

A rush to get the newest most amazing this app but I have heard and I talked about this on the last episode Pokemon go when it first came out had up had problems and updates along the way fixed that so that was this one example of an app that a lot of people do use that I heard there.

Were issues with in the beginning because it wasn’t a fine perfectly fine-tuned app you like stuff came up along the way that they went oh we didn’t see that coming and.

They kind of had to update that.

You know most the time this technology I’ve had I haven’t had those problems but when an update does come along I will try to do it because it does kind of help it keep running smoothly too right so um so yeah so it looks like this is available in the App.

Store now I don’t know if it’s available on iOS and Android or just one or the other I really don’t.

Know I didn’t see that but it doesn’t mean they’re not out assume it’s for both because it doesn’t say otherwise even though it’s Microsoft I would think but I’m not Humber.

Don’t know if it’s on like iTunes and and and like you know Microsoft devices or.

Just Microsoft devices I don’t know but if you do happen to be someone who does travel a lot for work and you want help tracking your expenses this may be an app for you to work to try out absolutely so um yeah I’d say go ahead and test it check it out and hopefully it works out for.

You really well because who knows maybe sometime maybe using something like this because you know traveling does happen with work it does it’s a nice joy for me I love doing it it’s fun but having some way to be able.

To you know keep track of this stuff would definitely help me a lot in the long run that’s absolutely true and like I said if I learned more stuff about this as it goes along I can definitely bring it onto.

Bring it onto this episode of this show for future episodes and let you know how it’s working out and if things are better or worse and maybe even find some reaction stuff if you would like so it’s time for us to take our first break so we’ll be back in a few moments with more technology news do you want to be healthier yeah you just don’t know what to do all these shows telling you this and that but nothing seems to work.

We’ll listen close golden state media concepts has got something great for you the health and wellness podcast dedicated to workout trend healthy eating habits.

And everything about healthy living join us in our banters as we.

Help you not just live life to the fullest but live it to the healthiest hello everyone this is Jay back bringing more technology news for you so something came out about oh god I want to say the last I want to say it’s been around for longer 3d printers they’ve.

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