Hey lady how to punching it in my house what are you doing in my kitchen 1 October sweatpants Rhode Island a film by Jason J 2 virus um so I’m gonna go out tonight for gotough birthdays that okay no why in a video boy your friend at the pub but you can come with me what’s wrong with you.

Trust me when I go out by myself oh that’s okay you can come with me and have fun huh couple of drinks glad that was just a dream happy Halloween I knew I’d find you here some things never seem to change they are sitting on the steps old high school every October is oh no we’re.

In a mullet wig same old sweatpants only thing missing three hot wieners all the way well you never cease to amaze me you never cease to stop being a pain in the ass what do you want man you didn’t need a mullet wig back then though.

You were rockin the mullet before mo it was even called them all it you didn’t care what anyone thought living at your mom’s to halt each dirty 9ish is there a point to this I’ve worked at sweat pants factory since high school man I didn’t run.

Off to save the world like you by joining the army I stayed in sweatpants Rhode Island and made sweatpants oh good just don’t judge me all right I don’t need to be judged I still love the 80s and my old mullet and.

Wieners so what do you want what do you want out of me I know that you don’t own a computer and you don’t watch.

The news or read the paper between watching a VHS collection but last night Lenny turd was killed in his kitchen and earlier that day a young couple about a block from here it’s October and sweatpants man scary things happen they catch the guy that did it nope they.

Caught the killer hey meet me at the crazy person graveyard in three hours I gotta show you something and it’s the 27th yeah in October that you’ve.

Worn that mullet do me a favor keep that thing at home creeping me out you don’t see that in sweatpants Rhode Island everyday welcome what’s this all.

About Henry why did you have me come out here the creepy person summer tourism we had asked mirror setup does.

This have anything to do with what.

You mentioned earlier about Lenny turd or something to do with that young couple that was killed I wanted to.

Show you something what I used dark magic from this mirror to create a clone of.

Myself why because two greens would be better than one trying to figure out how to use the Scarecrow to do my bidding because I can’t work with you anymore you’re weak you you.

Wear sweatpants and wig wearing Wiener eaten just cowardly you don’t do anything so how you really feel I thought we were friends I’m happy that you invited.

Me here today you know right cause I had something to show you too Scarecrow scarecrows been working with me the.

Whole time he’s been coming to Rhode Island for over 25 years scarecrows have been around for like 2,000 years you’ve.

Been working with this mirror doing black magic trying to summon a copy of yourself because you don’t think I’m worthy enough scarecrow give them help take care buddy Oh.

One October In Sweatpants, Rhode Island

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