Hello everybody welcome to another episode Oh fun facts Friday and in this episode we’ll talk about the programming used in robotics ready set go for those of y’all who don’t really know what a robot is basically it is a machine that makes human tasks easier to complete with little effort like printers that write our papers and washing machines.
That do the dirty work no your friends nor your teachers apply.

As robots but unlike humans robots don’t have a conscience we can make up our own mind but robots sort of.

Need help with that insert programming the God of all creation.

In the computing world dubbed as coding this is basically instructions for how a robot would.

Function just as you might tell yourself to drive your.

Car to the nearest grocery to buy eggs programming translates our needs into computer language there are a multitude of languages and it’s not just for building useful robots well-known.

Ones being C++ which is considered the universal coding language and used pretty much everywhere.

From websites to computer software and Python a condensed version of C++ that is beneficial.

To video game development we all like to think that coning is only restricted to computers but in this day and age programming is pretty much into things we use everyday and that they help program our board this episode of fun.

To you by vex robotics where freshies are your besties meetings every Tuesday in.

Hf5 this episode of fun facts Friday was direct and produced by document true topic selection was in collaboration with Gabriella gomez and Jason melara animation was done by a male Manson recording assistance provided by Stevenson tank and Calvin Wong music selection provided by Matthew Campbell Issa materials in supervision provided by John Williams and Brad Clarke thank you.

Fff #6 | Vex Robotics = Programming Languages

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