What’s up guys it’s Kyle here and in this week’s video I’m going to be teaching you how to make a program that detects loose our faulty cables the program that I’m going to be showing you today checks the communication between all of the motors and all of the sensors attached to your a/v 3 brick to find any kind.

Of faults and the faults might be caused by either a cable and has become loose or a cable that is faulty and not allowing the transmission.

Of signals to happen and so when.

A fault is detected the AV 3 program that I’m showing you today will throw up a.

Red flag and tell you exactly which.

Port is having the fault so you can then find and quickly diagnose and fix the issue this is of special interest to FLL participants wear a loose motor or a loose sensor cable could spell disaster for.

Your program the program that I’m showcasing in this week’s video was created by a viewer on my channel named Bendix carp Ness Ben dick is from Norway and formerly a part of FLL team goes in Bendix saw some of my videos and was inspired to create even cooler versions of.

And so big thanks to Ben dick for providing these programs to me so I can share them with you today with my Eevee 3 software open I can now.

Give you a walk-through of this cable check program so right here you can see that all of it gets compressed into a my block at the very end for your own ease of use and I’ll expand this my block in just a moment but there are eight parameters on the.
My block so a through D and then one through four and these correspond.

To the motor ports and the sensor ports on the ev3 brick respectively so this would be motor port a motor port B all the way to D and then there’s sensor port one all the way to sensor port four and these are all logic parameters so either true and false and what these do is it allows you to tell the program which ports are occupied by either motors of sensors so for example if I had a motor import a I would set this to true and.

If poor B was empty I would set this to false and if support one was unoccupied I would put it false and if I had a sensor in port two I would set this to true so it’s.

Just yes or no if there’s a motor or a sensor in the port you don’t have to worry about the type at least not yet so now I’m going to expand to the block as you can see I’ll click.

Up here and this will show you all of the programming that’s happening inside of the block so first up it reads all of your selections for the occupied ports for the motors and.

The sensors and it stores all of them in variables so a through D and then one through four this right here it just shuts off the light and clears the ev3 display so we could.

Print some information to the screen and then moving on now we get to the first check so the very first thing it does is check the motor in Port a so it’ll read your selection for whether or not there’s a motor in Port a so if.

Yes then it’ll check if no then obviously there’s nothing there and it doesn’t need to worry if there’s a loose cable because the port is unoccupied anyway so if you did select yes if there is a motor suppose plugged into port a then it’s going to test it and this is where the testing.

Program Your Ev3 To Detect Loose Or Faulty Cables – Ev3 Navigation With Bendik Skarpnes

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