Hi there may be many different reasons why you’re looking for an alternative to OmniFocus either way I’m going to tell you 13 ways that priority matrix is a great option one priority matrix integrates seamlessly with Outlook you can sync your priority matrix deadlines to your calendar and even drag an Outlook email directly into priority matrix to create a.

Task number two it integrates with your file system as well you can drag URLs PDFs images or even documents directly into your priority matrix project to create a task number three it.

Works on windows priority matrix is 100%.

Compatible with the Windows operating systems number four you also have access to your priority matrix on your mobile via the Android app number five if you also have an iOS device or think you may switch back to one at some point no worries priority matrix also has programs for the iPad iPhone and Mac.

Number six in case of emergency priority matrix has emergency web access as well number seven priority matrix gives you advanced insight if you wish priority matrix.

Provide status reports sent directly to your inbox number eight priority matrix is built around the Eisenhower method this method helps you plan around your priorities much better than the standard list format number nine the master list compiles all your to-do is across multiple projects so that you can conveniently grasp the big picture number ten priority matrix provides free GTD templates the Eisenhower framework is not the only configuration that you can use if you prefer you can opt for a different configuration like the.

GTD framework or you can build your own number eleven the program has received numerous awards including PC Magazine’s top 100 best iPad apps three years in a row number 12 in addition to Outlook priority matrix can integrate with Microsoft edge Google Chrome email Gmail slack and Skype and last of all priority.

Matrix comes within a hundred percent 30-day money-back guarantee.


13 Ways Priority Matrix Is An Alternative To Omnifocus

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