Is up you guys another day another me it’s nice Monday judging me sleeping at tea ladies I really need to get my nails done but I really also don’t want to try to give a special shout-out to the sponsor of this video which is a night shoes they’re vegan eco-friendly cruelty-free all of that if you use the code.

Dollars to Mercy for Animals so if you about that life hm you they have high tops low tops different.

Colors everything I like those ones because they kind of like that with a lot of so I’m just gonna make a white pre-workout I ran out of my fav I’m just gonna go to the gym in Juba leg day ladies I’ve been putting this off for like two days because I was really sore from this hike and then well I took a rest day and then I was like sore after because I.

Hiked on the rest day ladies yeah that’s basically it for now I don’t know what I’ve been doing today.

Sonia at some point because didn’t see choice we can we both like all like alternating different schedules oh I’ll check back in with you guys in a bit ey is this Josh said dirty hey guys hey guys it’s me so Jaya um just did have been doing a lot recently because my hair gets greasy I will.

Bye guys hey guys so this book is still so good this.

Far left to go something really important that I just wanted to reiterate to you guys is this part that says you do you and it’s just kind of in regard to basically I was talking about this in my podcast the.

Ways in which were taught that sex is wrong or shameful or dirty or everything like that so then to kind of wrap that chapter up which is what I was reading the other we’re like last night she says what messages can you trust to promote your own sexual well-being and the answer is yourself listen to your own inner voice which hears all these messages and somewhere deep inside you will.

An alarm when it notices bullshit we’re all different so what feels true and what feels like nonsense will vary from person to person the.

Only possible answer is choose what feels right for you and.

Ignore what doesn’t feel right and you know if something is like why is everyone doing this or like why like what especially with social media and different trends on social media it doesn’t really feel completely right with you like that’s what you need to listen to it’s so normal to try to find that context like when trying to make a decision it’s like oh would this person do this or what would this person tell me.

To do or like what have I learned like what was I taught going up but at the end of the day like what do you in this moment feel for yourself you know.

So I think that’s just a really important message Tricolore all messages about sex in your body and like stuck.

A salad bar take only the things that appeal to you and ignore the rest we’ll all end up with a different collection of stuff on our plates but that’s how it’s supposed to work so like no girl.

Is born hating her body or feeling ashamed of her sexuality you had to learn that to learn as well that it is safe to be loved safe to be your authentic self safe to be sexual with another person and safe to be on your own so bitch can I get a fucking random applies for that though I doesn’t.

Recommend that you all read this I’m just really excited to like wait Marvin and my favorite bar we can unlearn the bullshit that we were taught by society media whatever else you know cuz think about this.

Shit that makes us feel shitty about ourselves social media media Iran engage something you were taught when you were little he’s just about practicing mindfulness and I was also talking about this in the podcast but like challenging your beliefs like if you catch yourself thinking something or like almost like limiting yourself in some way like oh I can’t do that because people.

Will think this or because I will then be defined as this ask yourself why do I think that and is it true or is that am I just.

Thinking that because it’s what I was taught and kind and learned that twenty ways I.

Have a busy day of content and yeah a busy day of unlearning bullshit your thoughts down below and I really recommend that everyone reads this because it’s really great.

Trust Yourself Love Yourself Huney

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