Do have another paid another desktop just for slack I’ve got my life success X this is just the do me slack book I do have my teams that I talked to.

Through here and that’s about it really very very simple very very straight down to it and there’s.

Nothing too real glamorous really I just tried to be very very focused in like my growth tasks I know exactly what my growth tasks I’ve got three at the minute I used to start with I start with just one a business woman now I’m very much personal development content.

Creation and health and fitness each and every day my personal development is my morning routines and in the morning I like to journal I like to try meditate in his pack my goals this year studying with my accelerator notes as well as reviewing my masterpiece day my content creation is what I’m doing now brainstorming planning recording editing Publishing I do that these are my growth tasks and I’m going to share a lot more in terms of priorities and I could create a whole series just.

On how I’ve set this up in the mindset behind it and on the different priorities and the different bulbs and stuff but then I’ve got my health and fitness I’ve got my CrossFit and my my 20-minute runs that I’m doing at the minute as well so I.

Hope really this has given you a little bit of an overview of my laptop how I set this out I will go into a little bit more detail later on but let me what I want to do is I’m going to go onto my phone I’ll share with you how I can capture very very quickly and things that.

Coming my way and then I can and then we can go on to get into more detail so let me just do that now.

My Evernote & Todoist Productivity System 2018

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