Just tick it off you see here with the care of therapy we went to Cairo therapy last week and I was able to check that off and we went through and.

Balked and we scheduled and it was all in mono my productivity system and I managed to follow through from you know this is a goal now achieved from me deciding.

I will easily treat myself to at least one Cairo therapy session now I’ve done it I’ve gone through this process this is Mhairi to do is set up which basically is as minimalistic as possible I try to make it as minimalistic as possible I have in terms of the productivity system I do have ways of capturing things that are coming towards me they do go in my inbox I do process them every day now put them depending on.

Whether they’re important or not what day I should do and what priority and all these things that I can get into a lot more deeper if if if that’s something that’s desired but you can see.

I would like a bit of a traffic light system going on here and from where I want to be my ultimate vision is my yearly goal goals my growth tasks to my orange it’s not bad this the orange my success areas and these are just like all areas of my life if I click into here you can see health and fitness about relationships I’ve.

Got business and everything here then you can see routines red I try not to be in my routines as much as possible and the future goals okay the future goals they’re the things that you don’t want to be they’re the things that you don’t want to.

Be in around because that’s the shiny object syndrome that’s like oh check out this new business model it’s like no future goals I don’t want to be in the black area at all so when.

I go through my review and wherever I spent my time I don’t see any black because that really does dilute my focus someone it’s really quite good like I’ve got my.

Ultimate visions in here for each area in my life you can see I’ve got my ultimate vision for my life we just split up into the different categories of my life the different success areas of my life from just a statement of what I.

Of conduct ultimate roles disciplined and I’m not going to sit here and say I look at this each in every single day like you know it’s not it’s not like gospel to me but it’s.
Great I’ve gone through the process I do remind myself on what.

What’s important to me and I do capture I have captured like my yearly goals since 2017 and in my.

Two duis so I can see the progress that I am making a pat my mom for the girls report as well you can see by 2018 goals are here and then I then focus upon sieving those goals in the months in my my ever.

No but I’m going to share a lot more in depth about how I plan each and every month and in the next couple of videos.
This sort of productivity week.

Because I think it’s so it’s so good to have a good system set up where I’ve got labels and I’ve got section heads I’ve got all these things set up which is going to be good and I explain.

In more detail my Evernote set out my to do is set up etc and then if I was to continue on and in terms of the like my slack I.

My Evernote & Todoist Productivity System 2018

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