Is at a million pounds a year and it just you can just see the income just going up and up it’s just a little amusement thing then you can see I’ve got a couple of post-it notes here just inspirational things inspiration I like.

I’m a very visual person I like to see that it’s hot in Rio I like to see what time it is in Tokyo.

I like to see different inspirational quotes and it just makes me feel good and I would not rather feel good then put myself in a position where I’m focusing on the wrong things calculate your inner just a corpsicle there then if I go.

Across I’ve got my first sort of full desktop which is my my calendar so this is something I’ve been really trying to get hold up in.

The last few months the difference between scheduled appointments and tasks I don’t want.

Everything on my calendar like for instance today we had a warehouse team meeting and then I’m at CrossFit later on but two points there today that.

I’m I thought I’m going to if I’ve got different appointments maybe kara therapy just did that last Friday that goes on here my life success axillary in my life streamed.

Every single month they go on here as well but I’m still working with this really.
And I’m still really deciding what I want to put.

On here and like for example back last month I’ve got flights to Geneva here and then flight back a week later on so it’s good to have that sort of stuff in here but you don’t want to you don’t.

Want to fill your your calendar up too much and I’m gonna get into cut there the fantastical to app shortly in the next couple of videos anyway where I get into more depth with the the apps that use then you can see here this is my my Evernote stroke to do this I have them on the same desktop basically what I did.

Is I’m gonna share with you how how I planned the year my goals then my months because what I do is basically from my every single month when I plan them each month and I look at my.

Year goals and I commit to specific goals that I set for that month so this is my February and I.

Wrote down on this little checklist here this is sort of the way of thinking checklists which are shared in like in the previous video the resort the purpose.

And urgency the leverage the massive action plan in the schedule I think like that behind every single one of these results experiences that I want so the first one and I’ll get a little bit more into this when I talk about my Evernote cell but and the first one is I’ve challenged myself to complete Tough Mudder by the end of.
August why the urgency the purpose and a.

Couple of bullet points they’re kind of leverage well we’re in a mastermind team so we we had a bit of leverage.

There couple of us did a bit of research couple of us did him then have a book tip the most leverage things here the the 20 that’s gonna get the 80% of my result is you know I don’t need to research all day all day and I just need to book it and I haven’t booked it yet but that’s on my schedule for this week and I start CrossFit now and ice and I started that and then I’ll.

My Evernote & Todoist Productivity System 2018

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