Hello this is Kevin here from life success engineer comm and in this video I’m going to share with you my productivity system I’m gonna reveal to you my laptop and phone setup that really allows me to work at my best at my most productive self and take massive action that’s what I tried to do each and every day.

Take massive action towards my goals my visions the things I want to create my life and I and I’ve tried to set up my resources my laptop my phone and the structure of my life the organization of my.

Life in a way that does promote massive action in the right directions and I wanted to share that with you today there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to your productivity system ultimately it’s up to you how you take action in the right direction but let me get straight into mine hope maybe give you some ideas and over the next couple of days I want to share with you a lot more the apps that I use and things and be a.

Little bit more transparent and why I’ve done certain things and what I’m doing but first of all what I’m on right.

Now is my desktop so I tried to I tried to be is minimalistic as possible and try to be as clean as possible.

So you can see my dashboard I don’t actually have my my main dashboard out on show and.

I don’t have the main menu out on show either the reason for this is when I’m doing deep work when I’m in a session working I don’t want to be distracted by anything and I know I get distracted very very easily just like any of us do so like for example if there was a slack communication a.

Notification know somebody’s talking to me.

I need to go it takes me out of the taking action so I tried to minimalize this as much as I possibly can if I just then show you the different desktops helps that I’ve got you can see here at the top and I’ve got my.

Dashboard which I’ll share with you I’ve got my fantastical which is my calendar I I really really like the way that.

Looks so I got it on my phone and then I got it on my my laptop Pro heute my macbook pro here as well then I’ve got my my Evernote and todoist spoke in two different the Desktop half and half but my slack communication then I’ve got four desktops open and this just allows me just to switch from saw a window to window depending on what I’m working on depending on how many windows I’ve got all depending what’s required really sometimes you know yourself you can have multiple windows up and the great.

Thing is about a Mac it can you can be incredibly productive just sliding from one window to another so let me just start at the at the end I’ll share with you my laptop set up then I can share with you the the productivity system that I’ve got first of all just my desktop my dashboard sorry my dashboard I’m not on here too much to be honest but I did set it up initially for different parts of the world that inspire.

Me New York Rio and Tokyo three places I’d like I would like to visit in the next couple of years I like to see what the weather and everything is and it’s awful here in the UK and then it’s really nice and warm in Rio it just inspires it inspires me even more then I’ve got like a bit of a bean counter which is quite funny when you when you put on the bean counter that your income.

My Evernote & Todoist Productivity System 2018

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