Over the over the phone or.

Conversations with colleagues or clients select one note-taking app and stick with it you’re going to feel the confidence and that feeling of control knowing that it’s all in one.

Location and if you take use of the three criteria that we talked about speed access and organization you shouldn’t have to worry about having all of that information in just one place because if you.

Can access it everywhere if it’s.

Backed up if it’s cloud-based it doesn’t matter if you only capture that note on the piece of paper you know back at the office right that’s that’s sort of.

The drawback of the traditional or the analog method of capturing notes is that it only exists in one place so use these three criteria speed how quickly can you access that app access where can you access it you want to be able to access it in many as many places as possible and organization that personal question what do you need within that note app so.

You can manage your notes effectively and lastly I’d encourage you to start with the big.

Three Evernote Google keep and OneNote.

Probably a great place to start if you haven’t tried any of them even if you are a user of one of these applications maybe you want.

To try out one of the others for a two-week period you know see the pros and cons with your work style but by no means you.

Don’t need to stop there you can try others or a number of others on the market that that fulfill those three criterias of speed access and organization you know take the time to find the.

App that is best for you so I would love to answer some more questions here if you haven’t already done so I’d.

Encourage you to use the live chat feature here on YouTube to ask your question or add your comment you can also use the hashtag stop the busy and if I don’t get to all your questions during the live event.

I’ll be sure to do so afterwards and please feel free to Toledo a as well if you’re watching the recording of this event first questions I see is Scott or all of these apps free great question and it’s a question that you know we’ve come to expect so much of our applications so much of the things that we work.

With to be free so the short answer is yes of the three that.

We looked at Evernote Google keep and OneNote they are all free Google keep is 100% free there’s no add-ons or second-tier level Microsoft OneNote does have an additional fee if you would like more space more storage space and remember if you are collecting a lot of photos.

If you’re doing a lot of audio or narration that can take up a lot.

Of room so OneNote does have a second tier if you require more space Evernote also starts out at a free.

Level everyone made an interesting decision earlier this year in that they made a change that free users could only use Evernote on two different devices and this was used as a you know as a method to encourage people to pay for their services so that they could access it on on multiple devices so the entry level or the basic level the free version of.

Evernote you are only limited to two devices and just maybe one other comment on that is that I always encourage people to pay good money for good software you know if the application is helping you be more productive it’s helping you as a part of your workday pay good money for it right that’s how we.

Prevent our applications by being clouded.

Other such things so if Evernote is the best choice for you I would hope that you would encourage to you know pay for that service too to have it on multiple devices if it’s the right option for you another question here we have is Scott which note app you use and I assume that.

This question would probably come up what is the app that I use now I’ve been a long time.

Evernote user I’ve used Evernote for probably about eight years now seven or eight years now I think however recently as of a few months ago I decided to make a switch to Google keep.

So that is my current app of choice now you’re probably wondering why why did I make the change now Evernote I found and I mentioned that in the pros and cons I found to start to get a little bit sluggish a little bit slower than I desired.

And as I would open up my smart phone and and select the Evernote app it would take a little while to load up and then I had to click an extra button or at least what I felt was an extra button before I could start actually capturing my new notes so I decided to give Google keep a test drive and I’ve been I’ve.

Been quite impressed now again this is a personal question right so it’s a personal question for me Google keep is working very well for the way that I work in the way I manage my notes it doesn’t.

Be the ideal solution for you for example most of my notes are relatively short I’m in there I’m capturing something quickly and then I’ll come back and review it and then.

Archive it and I put that information.

In a in a in a project or in a more permanent spot but I am.

NOT writing lengthy articles in Google keep if I was maybe I would have stayed with with Evernote but but yeah currently thanks for the question currently I am using Google keep well I want to thank you for for joining me today and I just want.

You with one more question and that is do you or your team need to get more done and.

Do you want to enjoy less stress at the beginning of today’s call I talked a bit about some of the workshops that I put on and if you are interested in working at your productive.

Best or bringing a simple tivity workshop to your team or your organization I’d encourage you to visit simple tivity calm and you can find a workshop that fits your style and also fits your needs in terms of location we we offer workshops both in a live environment where we’ll come to you but we also offer virtual workshops especially beneficial if your your team is remote or dispersed across locations.

So be sure to check out simple tivity comm review some of the productivity workshops that we have just for you I want to thank you again for joining me as a part of today’s stop the busy webinar I hope you got something really valuable out of today’s session I hope I got you thinking about how you use a note app if you currently use one and the benefits of.

Using one if you don’t currently use a.

Note app as a part of your daily routine I hope to see you next time and remember being productive doesn’t have.

To be difficult in fact it’s very simple.

How To Pick The Best Note App (evernote, Keep, Onenote)

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