So many features and integrations is that it’s been my experience that Evernote has gotten a little slower each year and that it takes a little bit longer for it to load.

To sync notes across devices and so forth so something to think about.

When selecting selecting Evernote and the last you know con I want to highlight here is ever notes interface functionality now again there’s lots.

Of features lots of things that Evernote can do it may take you a little bit of time to get used.

To the Evernote interface where things are how things are structured you know creating folders and and archiving notes and that type of thing so there might be a bit of a learning curve.

For for new users but for those who have used Evernote for a while and swear by it this is.

You know this is not an issue something to consider when you’re testing out the Evernote app the second one.

On our list is Google keep and Google keep is the newest.

One of the three that we’re looking out.

Today Google has an act to a knack at getting into any really market or space that they would that.

They would like to and so they enter the the note-taking space a few a few years ago as well some advantages of Google keep it is very fast it’s a slim application which makes it very quick to load very easy.

To add and edit new notes and remember that’s sort of one of.

Our key criteria is how quickly can you review your notes how quickly can you add new notes and again a lot of that speed is because it is a very simple and streamlined application very easy to use there is a very short learning curve when using Google keep you can quickly start adding new notes and editing.

New notes and moving them around it doesn’t take long to get used to the Google interface couple of drawbacks you may want to consider there is no folder capability within Google keep and this may be a showstopper.

For some of you the inability to separate personal and professional notes the inability to.

Have multiple folders and only view one folder at a time the idea of a folder doesn’t really exist in Google key now you are able to create labels so.

You can add a label to different notes and group them together that way or.

Add tags you can color code notes if you like as well and you know because this is a Google product it’s all built on on search it’s very easy to filter.

Those things out as well but the inability to have a proper folder or folder structure could be a showstopper for some individuals the last thing I want to point out.

With Google keep is that it is not ideal for articles or long forms of text I know there’s a lot of Evernote users who are writers they may be a blogger or they’re you know they’re editing longer articles and Evernote is quite strong in that area Google keep not so much you’re probably not wanting to write a lot of your blog posts within Google key because the editing ability you know leaves leave something Laki lacking in it so it’s not.

The ideal application for managing and writing lengthier notes or lengthier articles the last.

One on this list that we’re going to look at today is OneNote and OneNote also has a very long and rich history has been in the market for.

For a very long time of course OneNote is a Microsoft product and that’s one of the big benefits if you are also a heavy Microsoft user if you already use outlook for email if you use some of the other Microsoft productivity applications such as Word or.

Excel or PowerPoint or many others OneNote might be a great addition to your your productivity applications because of the integrations right because.

They speak with one another it’s very quickly to transform an email and convert.

It into a note vice versa so if you’re already in that Microsoft ecosystem OneNote might be a great selection for you another big benefit of OneNote is that it.

Is a rich text editor and what do I mean by that is that OneNote from editing the content and.

It editing the information that you capture there is almost as robust as a standard word processor like Microsoft Word if you need to change the font or underline items and bullet points and and italicize and change you can do all of that in OneNote on the.

Contrary Evernote and Google key are very limited in that area Evernote will allow you to do some basic text editing like bolding or.

Underlining things Google keep not even not.

Even to that degree so if again if you are a writer if you’re managing longer form documents Microsoft OneNote might.

Be a good selection for you some disadvantages it is so feature-rich it may be a little too complex and even more complex than Evernote there.

Is an awful lot that OneNote can do for.

You and the feedback I get from a number of users that it’s almost too much like.

There’s just too much capability in here all you know most people they.

Just want to get in they want to capture some stuff and they’re going to come back and review it later and either discard it or archive it or or.

Move it on right transfer it into a proper project document or transfer it into a goal or something like that so you know OneNote is so feature-rich has so many capabilities that it may actually be too much or too complex for many users and the last disadvantage I’d point out here is the mobile experience although OneNote has made improvements to both its Android and iOS mobile applications still maybe a little lacking.

In that space it’s not as easy to add and arrange notes on mobile devices as you might find in Google keep and and Evernote like I said they’re.

Certainly making strides to improve in this area but the mobile experience may be a little maybe a little sluggish for a number of users so there you have it a quick review of what I call the big three note-taking apps they’re not the.

Only ones on the market and you shouldn’t start stop your research here but just giving you.

A helpful overview of some of the pros and some of the cons of using these three so quickly.

As a recap to maintain as much focus and attention as we can I strongly suggest that select one note-taking app and to stick with it pick one and use that as your go-to place for new ideas new thoughts things that pop into your head little short requests that come up.

How To Pick The Best Note App (evernote, Keep, Onenote)

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