Engaged in that discussion it’s a brilliant idea and you need to get to you will be getting to it later today but right now is not the best time it matter if it’s a meeting or if you’re just you know stepping out of the shower on your commute into work maybe you’re just walking down the hallway on your on your lunch break we have some amazing and fantastic ideas and opportunities that pop into our mind at the most inopportune time so what you.

Want is to be able to have that application have.

Something with you that you can grab and capture that note quickly and easily and so you can return your focus to the task at hand so what are some of the key criteria that you should look for in a note app well there’s three specific things I think you should pay close attention to you can either evaluate these criteria.

Against your existing note app or use them to analyze something new something that you’re thinking of trying out when it comes to a note.

First one and an incredibly important one is speed how quickly can you access this information how quickly can you open up the app and add something new if it’s not fast it’s probably not going to be helping you getting back to that.

Meeting or getting back to that important conversation or getting back to that task that you’re in the middle of so how quickly can you open.

Up the application and then subsequently add a note now you may be able to find some quantitative data on this on.

The Internet in terms of how sluggish or how fast certain apps are but there are so many different variables right it depends on the type of smartphone you’re using or if you’re using an iPad or a tablet you even want to be able.

To test this on your on your browser how how easily is it how easy is it for you to add something to that to that application so speed very very important both opening or launching the app but then actually adding a new note.

Do you have to press multiple buttons to add a new note can you just quickly tap into a text field and start typing away or do you have to you know go to a specific folder or add to other buttons and then the the keyboard the keyboard button to actually start typing things in so how quickly can you open and add to your application the second key criteria we want to.

Look for in evaluating a valuable and very productive note app is access and what do I mean by access well I don’t mean that the.

Physical device is on you I’m going to take that for granted that your smartphone is probably with you at most parts of the day but when I say access I mean.

Can you access it on other devices and in other locations we Tong we sometimes take for granted that we live in this cloud computing world where almost all of our applications all the things that we are working on are somewhere in the cloud right and you can access it on multiple devices multiple locations whether you’re at home or whether you’re in the office but there are still a number of node applications and.

Other applications that don’t have this capability that don’t have this functionality so the question that you want to ask is can you add and review notes from anywhere any device or any location now use an example that some of you may be thinking is is a very robust and easily accessible note application but there may be some questions you need to ask if you are an Apple user you’re probably familiar with the Notes app it comes standard it comes built-in to your iPhone.

Or iPad device and you know most people who have used an Apple product have used the notes feature in some way shape or form now if you use iCloud yes you can share those notes across different devices.

Different Apple devices but that is where you want to perhaps investigate or or think about how you use those notes and where you.

Want to access those notes if you live completely in an Apple ecosystem that might be fine and.

You can access it on multiple devices can you also access it from your work computer or your work location if they perhaps are not an apple an apple company or they don’t use an apple infrastructure some people don’t even turn on the iCloud option for.

Their Apple notes so it only resides on their tablet or it only resides on their iPhone and that’s what we want to get away from you want to be able to access this information this important.

Information from wherever you are so no matter what the device is you can even think of a situation such as visiting a friend’s home and let’s say you just happen to forget your phone in the car.

You forgot your phone at the office could you log into their computer and access your notes as well again whether you’re an Android user an Apple user whether you’re a Microsoft user really doesn’t.

Want to ask yourself some questions.

Such as am I always going to be such and such a user what if I buy the new Android phone later this year or the new Google pixel phone that was just recently announced how is that going to change how I access my notes so think about access and how you can add and also review these notes from virtually anywhere in the world the last criteria I want you to think about when selecting the best note app.

For you is organization and this is really a personal question because we all organize our notes a little bit differently there’s no one right way to organize your notes just like in my mind dump activity I don’t care if participants use bullet points or mind map.

Or short paragraphs we all organize our notes in a slightly different way so.

You want to make sure that the note app that you select allows you to group your notes.

And manage your notes in a meaningful way and especially a meaningful way to you so do you need folders and multiple folders to manage all of your information do you want to separate your personal information your personal notes from your professional notes do you need.

Labels do you need tags do you need colors there are some individuals where others are really important that’s very helpful in grouping information so having colorful tabs or colorful notes can be very meaningful to some individuals as well so think about organization and the capabilities.

Of the note app that you’re thinking about can you group your notes in a meaningful way so again the three criteria you want to consider in selecting a note app one is speed how quickly can you launch that app and then once it’s launched how quickly.

Can you start adding or editing notes number two you want to look at access can you download that app on all of your devices can you use it.

In a web browser in addition to an application on your smart phone you want to be able to access this information wherever you go and lastly you want to look at organization how do you organize your notes up.

Have the features and the functionality that you’re looking for so that you can continue to organize your notes in that manner or look at new ways of organizing your notes so some of the most popular note.

Include Evernote Google keep and OneNote these are.

Note-taking applications and I’m not saying that these are the only three you should be considering but these still tend to be the most popular note-taking apps that are available on the market so I wanted.

To take a look at some of the advantages but also disadvantages of each one you may be familiar with some of the ones on this list or these three may be.

Be brand new to you hopefully I’m going to give you some helpful information to help you make the best choice as to which one or maybe none of them are ideal for you and you’ll want to continue.

Your search elsewhere so let’s start with Evernote and Evernote is maybe the biggest player in this space a very popular note taking application in many ways sort of revolutionized the way that we capture information in our web based world and grabbing.

Information from from websites and organizing it and and accessing it on all of our devices one of the biggest advantages of Evernote and when you are so.

Popular and have so many users as there are lots and lots of features Evernote is very very robust in terms of what it can do how many other applications that it can integrate with so it’s not going to leave you lacking in capability there are lots of.

Features when using the Evernote app Evernote is also arguably the best app for web clipping now if you’re not familiar with what that term means web clipping that means taking specific information off of a particular page or website.

And then grabbing that and bring you that into the note application we’re not talking about just copying and pasting the web link like the link for that entire page but if you think of like a blog article Evernote is excellent at grabbing just the article just the text so you can read it later or maybe even edit it later if you so wish and it won’t bring in the banner ads and and the other videos on.

The side and and and other things that may appear on that page it will just bring in the article if that’s what you desire so Evernote very very strong in the areas of web clipping and grabbing that information whether it’s on your phone or whether it’s on a full desktop browser some things to consider about though as a disadvantage Evernote can be a little slow and when you are sort of a big player and you have lots of features that can be one of the downsides of having.

How To Pick The Best Note App (evernote, Keep, Onenote)

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