A note-taking app having one application that you can put information into that you can review that information and feel confident that all of it.

Is there that you can go back and.

Some of it you can change some of it you can convert some of them into a into a project or into a goal or.

Some emails that you need to do but that you have everything in one place oats if it’s ideas if it’s tasks requests reminders really doesn’t matter.

What that information is but the benefits of having all of it in just one application think about.

It you probably right now I have a bunch of these things notes ideas other other things you’ve jotted down in a variety of places.

You might have a notepad on your desk where you jot a few things down you may have post-it notes where you post things and write ideas down you may have a whiteboard in another part of your office or in another part of the aura of your home where you jot down information as well maybe you use one or several applications where you gather information and this type of thing as well and that’s often what leads to a.

Lot of stress or a lot of worry in our life is that we don’t know where to go to get all this information and we say to ourselves why I’m pretty sure I captured that somewhere I just don’t know where so the benefits of having.

A note app one singular note app so that you can have everything in one place you can access it quickly and you can go and review that information when you want to when you need to add a real-life example that.

I think most of us can relate to let’s say that you’re in a meeting you’re in a live meeting with with four or five other individuals the meeting starts it gets underway and then suddenly about halfway through that meeting you have a brilliant idea you have a fantastic idea of how you can improve something on your team let’s say maybe it’s a process on your team however there’s a problem this brilliant.

Excellent fantastic idea has nothing to do with the current meeting it has nothing to do with the individuals that you’re sitting with right now it has nothing to do with the agenda that you’re reviewing at that given moment so you have this wonderful idea in your head what do you do you’re sort of stewing on it you’re you’re thinking about it you’re.

Doing some mini brainstorming about this idea in the middle of this meeting well one it’s.

It’s taking you away it’s almost like you’re stepping outside of the meeting for several minutes because the rest of your colleagues don’t have your attention at that at that moment you’re perhaps not listening as.

Intently you know what do you do I’m sure you’ve seen others do this all the time where they’re just they’re just not fully there their thoughts are with another issue another project or a another person well the benefits of having.

A note app since most of us are having our phone with us at all times is to take just a few seconds just a few.

Seconds to jot down those notes quickly and then put it away and now you can return to the agenda or now you can return to the meeting at hand you can.

How To Pick The Best Note App (evernote, Keep, Onenote)

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