Good morning good afternoon or good evening depending on where you are in the world I’d like to thank you for joining me for today’s simple tivity stop the busy webinar and today we are going to be looking at note apps applications designed specifically for capturing our ideas or our thoughts are our two do’s all those things that bubble.
Up in our mind how to select the very best note app for you some of the.

Things that we will cover in today’s live event one how can we use a note app to increase our focus and reduce distractions are our inability to focus seems to be such a core part of our troubles or our problems in our work world today and even if it’s not you it’s probably someone that you know or you’ve.

Had many experiences where someone isn’t fully there right there there there embody right there they’re there in the room with you but their focus is somewhere else today to show you how to use a note app how to make use of a note.

App so you can increase your focus and eliminate or at least significantly reduce the distractions around you the three key criteria.

To consider when selecting a note app now you may already.

Be using a note app but perhaps you haven’t considered these three criteria as a part of that selection or maybe you’re thinking about using a new option maybe maybe.

You’re looking for something new something that better suits.

You and the way that you work so you can be at your productive best and we’re also going to look at what I call the big three of note-taking apps Evernote Google keep and OneNote we’re gonna look at some of the pros and cons of using each of these note applications again you may be familiar with some of these applications some of them you may not have even heard of.

Before and so I’m going to give you just a brief overview some of the advantages and also the disadvantages of using each helping you to find the best note app for.

You my name is Scott Friesen and I am the founder of simple tivity training and consulting and I refer.

To myself as a busyness killer what on earth is a busyness killer well I recognize that there is a distinct and a very significant difference between being busy and being productive sometimes we use those words interchangeably that well if I’m busy then I must be a productive individual as well and that’s simply not true you don’t need any experience or education to be a busy person it is easy to get wrapped.

Busy work on a regular basis maybe even a day-to-day basis so it is my goal to help people be more.

Productive and try and stay more productive instead of just being busy so as always I’d love to hear from you as a part of today’s webinar I’d encourage you to use the live chat feature here on YouTube to.

Ask your questions share your comments I’m going to reserve a little bit of time at the end of today’s session to answer as many of those questions as I can so please make sure to introduce yourself maybe tell.

Us where you’re joining us from today and ask your questions throughout today’s session you can ask at any time and I’ll reserve a little.
Bit of time at the end to answer them.

You can also use the hashtag stop the busy and I’ll be looking at those questions and comments after today’s live event so where to begin let’s let’s start with note-taking in general and if you attend one of my workshops I often begin those workshops with an activity that I like to call a mind dump.
Now what exactly is a mind um well it’s.

Pretty simple really I give a single piece of blank paper to.

Everyone in the room and I give them about 5 to 7 minutes and.

I ask them I want you to put down on this piece of paper.

All of the things that are grabbing your attention right now what is on your mind right now is it an issue is it a worry is it a problem is it.

A to-do is it a request maybe it’s something you’re excited about something that you’re looking forward to doing later today or later this weekend whatever it is.

I don’t care if it’s professional or if it’s personal I want you to write it down on this piece of paper and not just what’s on your mind right now but whatever pops into your mind over the course of.

This exercise so I give participants roughly 5 or 7 minutes I need to put a time limit on it because for most of us this could go on for a half hour or even longer just exporting just taking what was ever in our mind and capturing it on a piece of paper and that’s really the key word here is capturing.

Capturing those ideas those thoughts thoughts those requests those things that are on our mind capturing them in one place well after my participants have had an opportunity to go through that exercise we spend a.

Little bit of time discussing what they were feeling and how did that exercise make them feel now.

That they’re staring down at this piece of paper which is just loaded with information right and and there’s no rules as.

To how you can capture it you can do bullet points you can put note form you can do a mind.

Map you can draw arrows and bubbles really doesn’t matter what.

You do as long as it makes some sense to you how does this make you feel now that you’ve got this full sheet of a whole bunch of different ideas tasks requests etc well usually some of the first words that are shared are words like I feel overwhelmed or I feel burdened or Scott I’ve got so much on my plate I mean look at this where do I start but.

The interesting thing is as.

The class conversation as the class discussion continues more and more people change their feeling or recognize feelings of confidence feelings of feeling more calm and in control because they have everything in just one place you see all of that information was clouding up their mind and it was taking their focus away from.

The day’s workshop and other day’s activities but now they’ve got.

It now they’ve got that information in one central place and they feel confident and very comfortable that.

They can come back to that later whether it’s after the workshop whether it’s later that day whether it’s later in that week they’ve captured those really important ideas and now they can do something about it but more importantly they can lend their focus to the task at hand so everything in one.

Place that’s probably the biggest key benefit to having.

How To Pick The Best Note App (evernote, Keep, Onenote)

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