Off you give yourself a 5-minute break whether that’s getting up and refilling your cup of tea or it is stretching or whatever you’re gonna take a five-minute break and then you are going to put the timer back on.

And work another 25 minutes and then take another break it’s I always recommend starting off slower with this because it’s something that you really have to get used to but it is a really great way.
To improve that focus and then the third thing that.

I wanted to talk about or the third app that I wanted to talk about is called focus at will and honestly I just kind of stumbled across this when I was looking for something for a client that wanted something particular and was not fitting into any of the categories any of the things that I knew about and I I was researching.

At and it’s it’s really something I am trying out myself before I go ahead and recommend it to anybody but they do have a free trial period this is something but you have to pay for whereas on rescue time and the focus.

Booster the Pomodoro our free focus is something that you do have to pay for but they do have a trial period so I just signed up for that trial period this.

Week and I’m just gonna read to you it’s telling me and this is what grabbed my attention about it they’re going at this at a little bit different kind of.

Approach they’re saying scientifically proven to increase focus and productivity and it’s all about music so I’m not sure if it’s gonna be really good for me only because sometimes I need complete.

Silence but I thought hey you know I one of the things I love to do is try out new things so I signed.

Up for it and I took their little overview quiz to see.

What category of music that I would be listening to and um it actually was wonderful I tried it out yesterday afternoon and I did it for 60 minutes at a time and I did it for a four hour period and it really was good it kind of made me fall into the zone of just focusing on what.

I’m working on powerpoints I have a couple.

Of powerpoints that I have to finish by the end of this week one has to be finished for tomorrow the other has to.

Be done by Friday and I was having difficulty being able to not be distracted and focused so I thought well I’m.

Shot now and it really did work quite well and it’s saying that the focus at will uses human neuroscience and music to help you focus and limit distractions just get productive and retain more information so you I went in there I answered a few questions.

And the software somehow determined the right music for me what my brain needs to get into that flowing state that’s gonna make me super productive.

I don’t know how it did it and it was more or less the type of music that I listen to when I practice yoga so maybe that kind of got in to my brain I don’t know what it was but I can tell you I’m gonna continue the two-week trial period like I said I just started.

Yesterday but it was super wonderful so those are just three of the techniques.

That I wanted to three techniques three apps that may I wanted to share with you that may be able to increase your productivity in in some uh you know fashion some shape I know that this is something that a lot of people struggle with and believe me I think everybody struggles with it in some you know fashion whether you’re a business owner or just you know in.

Your personal life it is hard to be able sometimes to focus at the task that you’re supposed to be doing and I have found that by using rescue time and the Pomodoro Technique those are both really helpful and then this third one that I.

I just found I’m having a good feeling about it so please come in here leave any comments um make sure if you watch the replay that you type replay so that I know that you saw this and I will come back around and answer any questions and as usual if you need any more information or want to grab one of the freebies that I offer you can hop over to my website and I have a left.

Pad up there for you as well so have a wonderful Wednesday and an awesome rest of the week it is almost October super excited about.

That too and thanks so much talk to you soon.

A Review Of 3 Productivity Apps

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