Good morning passionate purposeful and powerful entrepreneurs and thank you to Stephanie for allowing me to come in and do this live stream I think it’s awesome I know for a while I struggled with being able to remember that Wednesdays was a live stream day in here I simply have now added it to my calendar so I’m getting a.

Reminder every single Wednesday so that I can remember to come in here and do a live stream and sometimes it’s that simple just simply adding something to your calendar can make all the difference so before I go any.

Further my name is Pamela and I am known as the brick wall coach and I am a business consultant.

That coaches ambitious action-oriented Gen X entrepreneurs how.

To run successful businesses so I am here today to talk about three different productivity apps with you and these are three things that I use with various clients that I work with and I thought that I would share them with you today the first one that I’m gonna talk about.

Is one that I actually use in my own business as well and that is rescue time and so basically what rescue time does is it allows you to get the distractions out.

Of the way first because even while technology is bringing us so many great productivity.

Tools it can also bring us a ton of distractions so rescue time is something that you would download onto your computer and there are different pieces on there that you would go in and kind of.

Do for work or this is something that you know is more pleasurable or a personal thing so there’s different categories on there and you go ahead and rate them according to your needs because everybody uses something different and then on a weekly basis it’s going to shoot out a report to you and let you know what your productivity level was for the week and it’s going to show you where your biggest distractions were and it’s gonna show you.

The amount of time that you spent doing different things working in different programs I find it super helpful and one of the things I really like about rescue time is I’m always trying to beat.
It’s like a game I try to beat.

My productivity level or at least maintain it I never want to.

See it fall um and I’ve been using RescueTime for about two and a half years this past year 2018 that has really been a year that I’ve made myself.

More aware of what’s happening and and just put a focus on following things and so it’s really the first year that I’ve paid closer attention to it so I kind of set that little thing up with my self to make.

Sure that my productivity level doesn’t fall past what I think is healthy for me in my business so that’s the first one the.

Second one is called focus booster and it’s really the Pomodoro app so it is the Pomodoro Technique and basically what it is is you are going to set.

Yourself up so that you work and focus on work for 20 or 25 minutes and then you take a five-minute break and you start doing that.

You know with one or two times of work focus you don’t really want to go beyond that in the beginning so you would set this um this timer and for like I said about 25 minutes you wanna just focus on work then the timer is gonna.

A Review Of 3 Productivity Apps

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