The dark theme on my on my laptop but one of the things that you can point where I can point out to you here is you do need to actually activate dark mode on the web so when you first log into the web it will ask you if you want to activate but again when you go into your settings here and go into themes.

You still have the sink theming option so I can turn that off on here go back to traditional to do is red and sure enough my to do sees now in the traditional red but it hasn’t affected any of my other devices now the same applies to all your devices all you.
Need to do is go into settings choose your theme and you are good.

To go and that’s really about it with the theming I’m going to go back into my original match your main account because you can take advantage of this it’s nice not to have a glaringly bright screen I’ve always turned down the colors the brightness of my screen when I’ve been working and it does look absolutely fantastic with the new colors so there you go that’s how to get it activated on your devices just remember you don’t have to have dark mode on all your devices now you can have different themes on different devices if you.

So wish it just remained I hopefully you are as excited about this as I am don’t forget.

June in tomorrow to the working with cast as I have the a very special guests on this week’s show I have the CEO of duyst Amir is coming onto the show to talk about while running duis the company a fully remote company a few productivity issues.

And we also get to learn what Amir’s favorite todoist theme is okay so join me in the podcast tomorrow I’ll put a link in the show notes below so that you can find that podcast when it comes out tomorrow thank you very much for watching this episode it just.

Now to wish you all a very very productive week thank you for watching this video if you liked what you saw and.

You would like to learn more about becoming better organized and more productive then get yourself enrolled in my free beginner’s.

Guide to building your own productivity system and if you’d.

Like to learn more about how I can help you then visit my website at Cal Poly in calm all the details are in the show notes below.

Working With Todoist | Ep 172 | Dark Mode Is Here!

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