In this week’s episode of working with todoist it’s all about dark mode hello and welcome to another edition of working with todoist my name is Kyle Pauline and in this week’s show it’s all about the number one requested feature dark mode now to be perfectly honest dark mode or light mode isn’t on their own going to improve your.

Productivity it’s just really an aesthetic thing it’s about the look and of course if your applications look.

Fantastic and you enjoy using them you spend too much time inside them that’s not really the point of productivity however whenever an application centers to do.

Is to updates it’s a nice thing and it’s always nice to see a few changes and to see how things are working and so in this week’s show I’m going to take you through some of the little changes that have occurred in the last few in the last update to do is ready for iOS 12 but this has been rolled out to.

Everything that’s Android Windows Windows 10 and of course Mac OS mo jave so before we go any further just I’d say if you liked this episode please click on that like button below and if you haven’t subscribed to this channel yet please subscribe okay let’s get straight into do it this week.

And I’ll show you all the new little features ok so here we are in my today view in the traditional todoist red now i’ve updated it to the latest edition of todoist and i got that from it all came up actually.

Up here on my laptop which is running Mac OS mo jave and actually on my desktop I downloaded it from the Mac App Store which my old desktop computer is not running no Jeff so maybe that’s one of the.

Reasons why so let’s move into this how we’re going to do this so we first have to do is you have to go into your settings and you go to theme now the first thing you’re going to notice when we go into themes is that the whole interface here has changed somewhat of the colors haven’t changed at all except for this new one called dark mode so all you have to do to activate.

Dark mode is click on the dark mode and you’ll see a little tick in the bottom right on the corner now it doesn’t change the settings side but when you hit the close button you’ll find that you are nicely in your dark mode so we’ll go back to that now the beauty of dark mode is simply these buttons down here I I can’t tell if they’ve changed funnily enough or at least that the circle the color outline has changed the priority.
Labels but you can see them pretty a lot clearer now I’m not sure.

If you can on the video screen but certainly on my laptop it looks absolutely fantastic and also now the label colors are just bright enough to show the different colors in labels and you get your project colors right here so one of the things that I.

Would point out is if you haven’t already I would set the colors for your various projects now for me I have a color-coded system work-related tasks are always in red I don’t know why.

I’ve always done that my home which is essentially things I need to do around home in blue my areas of focus are in orange and yet I still have underneath the areas of focus I consider FES which is my language consultancy company is.

A work I consider CPP which is the Productivity business as an area of focus and of course my personal so I actually keep this consistent almost like.
A traffic light if I make that green it would.

A traffic light but I’ve always had routines as green so my routines are down there and I have some day maybe as a kind of morph color so.

It is a good idea now if you’re going to go with the dark mode I would strongly recommend that.

You start color coding your projects so that you can actually see very clearly down the right-hand side we of which project we test that is related to which project so go back to my.

Today’s focus and again I can do it from here I can change these colors in my filters which.

Show you to do now because I can change the the sidebar quite easily now as you can see from my filters here I actually have a lot of color so I’m gonna call Mike today objectives I’m going to go into red but let me change the color of my today’s focus.

So today’s focus is wearing a spy most I like the orange it really looks superb on the on the in the dark mode I should say and.

I’m gonna do my goal next actions is gonna be let’s call that we’ve got loads of colors to choose from here my next actions I think I’ll go with yellow I know it’s not that different from orange but I’ve seen the golden ten so actually the golden ten should be gold so we’re gonna change that to a.

Gold color it says orange but it’ll do and then I fake close that up and look up at the top there now I have these colors down here and actually.

What I really realized what I could do is just reduce the color opacity so red to orange to yellow or red to orange orange and yellow but you.

Can play around with the various colors and it’s just gonna make your whole system look much better and that’s something I should point out dark mode is not.

Going to improve your productivity and the worst thing the cap could happen is if you do fall in love with the dark mode color and you spend too much time inside to do it then it’s kind of missing the point remember productivity is about doing the work and not about doing playing around with your productivity system okay one more thing that I should point out in this video is a new feature well actually I think.

It came out a little while ago but I should point this one out to you in the past we’re todoist you had only one color choice so whether like myself we’ll have to do it on a laptop a desktop a phone and a tablet then once I chose the theme that theme was synchronized across all of my.

Devices now I can turn off seem think sinc theme thinking but you can actually turn it off or you can turn it on.

If you turn it off I can change the colors on my various devices so let’s say that I don’t like the dark mode on my desktop if I turn off sync theming then my desktop can have the traditional to do is red or any of these colors if I turn sync theming on then all my devices will get the dark mode and I should just point out one more.

Thing you can actually activate this on the web and that’s actually very straightforward now I’ve already done this but I think it’s gonna take you to my demo account I’ve actually already done this and by the way I’m using.

Working With Todoist | Ep 172 | Dark Mode Is Here!

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