It’s show on the road hey April how are you doing I’m good I’m good happy Saturday everybody happy Saturday you are you are such a trooper April good heavens oh hey everybody welcome welcoming thanks so much for joining us this Saturday for a very special version of our webinar Wednesday good I can see it poor April she’s got.

She’s juggling kids basketball tournaments all over the place our son just won.

The championship at Catholic school championship there congratulations thank you how happy is he for that the smile is ear to ear your daughter’s in the playoffs and she’s winning a major award.

Tonight for like being Bertram stuff the nicest person on the planet and your son and your husband is sick in bed with the worst flu ever yes true story yes April’s going through typical mom stuff I have wine I have wine waiting in the fridge for later oh good good well I was so thrilled you folks are joining us today what is it’s you know I love it when we do these Saturday.

Webinars I I I’m never ready quick it’s but it’s not like I’m just straight back.

Gonna change my schedule I still have to go work out but I’m back from the gym and.

We’re gonna be talking Evernote today we’re looking forward to today’s webinar I wanted to make I when I thought about doing this I we’ve covered ever known from so many angles and I realize so many you’ve tried never know but it’s disappointed you in one way or the other or you’ve ended up being disappointed because you haven’t embraced it so I thought well you know why do some of us like.

Get it and have Evernote really changed us change how we do things and other people kind of lose.

It so that’s what we’re gonna be talking about today we’re gonna be talking about the things that make it really work for you so this.

Is Evernote second chance for so many of you we’re gonna we’ll keep it too we might even be a little bit less an hour I’m aiming for like 50 minutes here respecting your Saturday I see you all saying hello hello Troy and Sarah and John oh man people from all over we’ve got 400 people already just.

Both 400 people in the room it’s this Saturday these saturday webinars are awesome they are ah it kind of makes me think that everybody here is a workaholic of.

Some sort well a lot of people just can’t join us on work days you know at work you know it’s they don’t have the bad way they you know they have they have to work have to.

To other things so we’re so thrilled that you’re joining us so if this is gonna be a typical webinar format that we have here on dottotech we’re gonna welcome you to chat a little bit make sure everybody’s.

Set up and all comfortable then we’re gonna move in I pre recorded a shorter video than normal it’s about a 16 minute video today if you’re here expecting me to teach you how to use Evernote today that’s not what this webinar is about it’s.

About it’s about why Evernote works for us we’ve got some great resources that we’ll share with you that will teach you how to get started in Evernote and start to.

Use Evernote those of you who haven’t taken yet our Evernote QuickStart we’ll be sharing that guide with you but it’s less kind of how-to then why and what today in the webinar so I’ve got about a 16 minute video that walks through that why Evernote works for me and what.

I think that kind of the main reasons that it may work for you and then we’ve got time for a lot of Q&A at the end so it’s going to be hopefully a nicely interactive webinar today if anybody has any technical issues we’re using webinar jams things to seems to be rocking along pretty good.

On chicken my feet here it looks all good on this side if you have any issues there’s a reconnect button at the top if that doesn’t work reload your browser if that doesn’t work.

Try a different browser with the original link that we sent you the the the registration.

Letter and also if you have to run away for any reason or anything like that don’t worry we’re gonna send out a webinar replay a couple of hours after today including we’ve got an offer for you we’re gonna be we’re gonna be letting you.

Know we’re gonna be selling in promoting our Evernote made easy course at the end and we’ve got a special.

Offer that that is that’s always available but that you might not know about that we’ll be filling you in on so we’ll give you all of those all of those all of that feedback so uh John said great topic I’ve not really integrated Evernote in my daily work Falls so many have it so many have it and I’m gonna start things off with a poll before we get I’ve got a poll ready to go here and the.

Poll is whether or not you are if you’ve tried every note and it’s display the results – there we go so let me know it should be appearing in your in your chat right now have you tried Evernote and yes and you.

Use a lot or no you’ve not used it yet but.

You’ve tried it but you don’t use it suspect that a lot of you are not using it as much as you.

Think you should if you’re here or that you’ve tried it in a lot of people just don’t get it at the beginning and I think I know the reason I think.

I know the reason I’m not gonna that is the payoff that’s like all of the drama today is why don’t we end up using it I will tell.

You why I think my theory as to why people do not use everyone a lot look at it they split they don’t half in.

Half right now or you can’t see the results I can see the results and you can’t I can’t seem to you can’t but mean we’re special because we are administrators.

Of this particular webinar and they all are not so you’re supposed to get like snow this week oh we’re supposed to get anywhere from 6 to 10 inches tonight overnight.

Good yeah we’re supposed to get snow here in Vancouver to this coming week San Diego can’t come soon enough next week on Monday a week Monday I go down San Diego for social media marketing world so will be nice and sunny I’m looking for that you’re not coming this year are you I’m not I’m going to Barbados March 8th that’s not bad and you’re going.

And here’s the Valentines those of you who joined us on Valentine’s Day on Wednesday will know that April actually got the best Valentine’s present I.

Think I am going to Billy Joel at Fenway Park this summer so my surprise that’s gonna be an amazing concert even my 17 year old was jealous of that one yeah that’ll be a great concept okay.

Evernote Habit Webinar

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