Hello ever and welcome to another video it is Francesca here I hope everyone’s doing really really well and in today’s video what we’re going to be doing is actually exploring an application called things three dough now many of you guys know and it probably users or have heard at least of things to which is created by cultured code.

And it’s one of the older productivity applications to do this applications that many people use now what I call it now is a personal productivity application for to dues so very similar to likes it to.

Alyssa Microsoft to do but in a sense it is more tailored tool to GTD experience now what I mean by that is it’s slightly more hardcore in its layout so it’s sort of more structured than other experiences I’d like to do is to etc so in today’s video what we’re actually going to do is not focus on things 2.0 in their transition we’re going to focus on the new experience of the rings’ 3.
0 we’re going to share some of the features we’re going to.

Share some of the new things and I think you’ll enjoy trim and the new design changes definitely so so as you can see here this is the Mac version I’ve been given early access so to start we’re going to thank the team for organizing access it’s much.

Appreciated because I’ve got to experience this a couple of days earlier and actually create this review in advance so one of the first things that has changed as you can see is a design now things to was typically typically looks like a Mac application in terms of its sort of projects focus view so I’ll just show a quick clip of.

Things to and what it looked like and now things really looks a lot more cleaner in terms of design they’ve gone for simplicity over any sort of complication so it’s focused around a clutter for experience now as you can see on the left hand side you’ve got a.

Not a new menu it’s pretty much the same menu as before but what’s different about it is it’s as I said cleared out as you can see you’ve got inbox which is where you dump all of your and.

To do’s today which highlight all of the items you’ve got today and what’s good about this new function is.

You’ve got the calendar which looks plain a little bit more in a minute you’ve got upcoming as well.

Which highlight any upcoming activities not whether it’s tasks or events any time which are any tasks associated with no dates in terms of like what dates appear on them and some day as well so they’re all the major folders as well with all of your some day like things that you’re going.

To do in the future you’ve got the log book as well so you’ve got the log book of items you completed you’ve got trash as well and you can empty the trash there too which I’ll explain in.
A minute here you’ve got projects.

So this is one of the pre created projects but it allows you to create these sort of checklist and break down any of the tasks that you’ve got there and also areas so this is an association to a certain thing so you can actually projects in areas so for example family could be an area of your life and you can have projects inside.

Of that so that’s just a basic overview of what they’re the sort of layout is now what is totally different and the first thing I want to mention is.

Things 3 Full Review | Features, Pricing And Thoughts

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