Welcome back to switch to Linux well today we are actually going to do a little product review and so what I have here is a a Wi-Fi extender this was sent to me this is not a paid review they’re not paying me but they did send me the product to look at now I do not review any product.

That somebody wants to send to me you know I mean I tried lipstick once it just went bad no I did it but.

What what I look at is if somebody wants to send me something that I can actually use maybe something I’ve actually researched I would be glad to.

Look at it review it and give you an honest assessment if this is good I’m gonna call it good if this sucks I’m gonna say it sucks so we’ll see how it looks at the.

End of the video so first and foremost what is it this is a wireless extender so effectively it’s a small scale wireless access point this is from elegant and it is a 300 Mbps Wi-Fi signal expander.

Says for external antenna so this is what we got see if I can get a good view of that there okay so you can buy these on Amazon I.

Think they’re around 25 30 bucks or so I’ll go ahead and put a link to it in the description down below so why did I want to get this when they send.
Look at it I understand that a wireless extender is something that I’ve.

Looked at and I wanted to get a wireless access point so I run a custom pfSense router but pfSense is based on FreeBSD and FreeBSD it does horrible support of wireless adapters so I actually have a wireless card on that and I use it for a network that you can connect to you just don’t.

Expect a lot of speed it connects with B G and n speeds so we’re talking slow alright so what I end up doing and I did another video to it I don’t like that.

Video down below is I repurpose my old router to be my wireless access point now it’s not as important.

I have a wire access point in this place my old office I absolutely had to have one I literally could not get signal from from the office into the living room I just couldn’t do it so I had a wireless access point there but I also pass over a lot of Internet down to the Raspberry Pi which controls my media on my TV and so I always am running a line there anyway.

And so I said well I already have this wireless access point so let’s go ahead and do it so what we’re going to do is we’re going to compare how does this function as a wireless access point compared to my existing router which is a links STS 1000 set as a wireless.

Access point not a router because pfSense is running the router so let’s go ahead and start by opening this box up and see what we have inside okay so.

Here we are and it’s gonna open this guy up and well piece of tape back there and sew this up for you and we have a little happy or not happy thing I’ve seen these before I have another product that I got one of these almost exact cards from I.

Wonder if they’re the same company or something all right so here’s our device itself we have the white one here and so also inside the box we have an extraction manual and we have a card an array a little cable so that’s all we have I’m a little curious about this cable um it looks like it’s really cheap quality it says it’s a cat 5e cable it feels really cheap.

Elegiant Wireless Extender Review

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