Greetings my diamond painting family this is Donnie with I’m a painting by Donnie and today’s dose of Donnie is a couple of product reviews these are things that I purchased myself and I wanted to review them so it’s not something anybody sent me it was things that I saw that other people had purchased and I wanted one and.

So now today I am going to try them out with you one of them I’ve already tried.
Out because I wanted to get a feel for it and what it does now I have.

My light pad on high but there.

We go it’s not that bright for you I even have the extra light going on here this is what I have to do in order to see.

These symbols they’re not too bad but hmm I’m extra blind lately it seems so I’m going to get some diamonds in here because I did not prepare myself with that I.

Just actually woke up and decided I am going to do these videos before I do anything else today because I’ve been trying to do this video since yesterday probably yesterday I think okay now this bunch of drills has quite a bit of garbage in it I’m going to be tempted to pick it all out not just garbage but it’s got a lot of drills that are stuck and whatnot I’ve actually no.

Where’d I put it there it is I found a good use for my little case if you remember.
When I bought this that came with a.

A pen it says every day I’m sparkling sorry it’s really close up right now I will change that when it gets to the second product review but on the inside I have my little case with my diamond separator.

A couple trays and my garbage trays as long as I don’t tilt it it’s fine even if I do it’s contained in here but I just kind of bring that out to do that add one.

Found a good use for this other than just decoration.

That makes me happy all right so I gotta get some of these lined up because this first product it’s a little more than I thought it was it’s not just a as you know in the in the title the dual diamond placer okay let me show it to you okay here’s what it looks like okay it’s a little flower and we’ve got the base and you pull the base off and it’s got I know why this doesn’t look right be right back I’ve got to turn.

On the flash just because you can’t see oh there we go it’s kind of focusing now see it’s got two chambers no I’ll be right back and I’ll show you a little bit more hold.

On alright so now I’ve got my flash on here’s the chambers you can see my wax is in there I want to just show you that these are very very flexible so you can just pull back and they pull out so now it’s empty and what we have are two little and I guess they could actually be filled all the way down if if allowed but they’re they’re different than the regular pin tips they are just like hollow little grommets.

Or whatever you’d call them I’m not sure I like how this works I mean how soft this is because it doesn’t leave very much room for me putting a little extra pressure where I need to but let’s just.

How it works I actually like it a lot so I’m gonna move the light out of the way oh you can’t see the trace so I’ll just put it here like this okay it’s just like a regular drill pin and you’re going to just go down on the the.

Diamond Painting Product Reviews – Desk Vacuum And Dual Drill Pen

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