Hey guys it’s Jamie and I’m here with like the mega mega mega of all empties videos I haven’t done in empties in a long time yet I have collected empties I’m gonna try to make this super super fast because a girl has a lot of empties I like these because you get to see what people are using and.

You get like a little brief mini review sometimes that’s all you need is like someone’s a little opinion and then you can go google and.

See what you think or look it up so I mean this is ridiculous.

Girls gonna make it quick I felt really good sorry I’m making some noise excuse me I felt really good this year about what I’ve gotten rid of now some of this stuff is like boxes a soap or toothpaste and your guys are gonna be like yeah but whatever it’s so good to put in here it keeps you motivated keeps you going keeps you collecting stuff so I’m gonna get started it’s a lot so this is like the 2017 empties I think I’ve done like I needed a shadow checked I didn’t I.

Probably did like an empties video one or two or a couple this year this past year 2017 but this is everything that I meant to do by the end of the year and it’s a lot so it’s not in any type of order so bear with me next time it won’t be this much but we’ll start with the body care I have this dub-dub body wash its pistachio cream in Magnolia like this scent and I really like dumb products I use this as a body wash I also use it to shave my legs.

It’s moisturizing and I like it this is a shampoo when I buy fancy shampoo this tends to.
Be what it is the red can color extend now this is just a shampoo I.

Still have some conditioner I’ve been using this.

For several years I love the smell I like that it doesn’t like it’s moisturizing but it’s not like overdone I can’t use super super super moisturizing shampoo and conditioner it will make me look like.

A freakin oil slick you just but this stuff is great I.

Like it I get it at Ulta and I wait until I have like multiple points or some monies off um this little thing Yankee Candle.

The scent plugs do you guys have those this was Honey Crisp apple cider I did not really love the scent of this I gotta have one of these in.

My bath in our bathroom and I got it for that son in sand over the summer because that’s like my favorite scent of life and this one was okay I used it but wasn’t in love with it lotion Bath and Body Works marshmallow pumpkin latte one of my favorite scents forever I cut.

These because I want every little drop out of it I love this I don’t think it’s too too it’s not too much but it’s so nice and it’s this smell is october/november.

For me it is full my dove so which one is this hello what’s in is it go fresh I don’t know pear and something.

But I don’t see the name of it that’s weird I like basic soaps that one I don’t know about the smell of that Sensodyne pronamel gentle whitening is all I use as I got older I had sensitive teeth who knew so I don’t use regular cheese please I always use some type of Sensodyne this seems to be the one um a lot of bath products.

Finished up this old packaging I believe is old packaging Bath and Body Works midnight pomegranate love these I don’t use these as body washes though I use them as bubble baths I love it and I like to smell this this is definitely a false scent a nice like you know like a little romant romantic scent if.

You know what I mean favorite of life if you like a nice bubble bath this is a foaming bath with pure epsom salts soothe and sleep with lavender is dr. teals love this have been using this since I before I was pregnant and this stuff makes the best suds and I love the smell of it.

It just makes me so happy staying on bubble bath this is what we use for maybe baby Ganic saba it’s fragrance free and it’s free of like everything natural seed oil blend it’s really good she loves a bubble bath and I just like that it’s like you’re not scented one day we’ll get to that but right now she doesn’t need.

That she just really wants the bubbles what else.

More bath old packaging from like a year to ago pumpkin apple cider body wash and bubble bath this one and I loved I loved that it was so cute toss toothpaste just in case you were worried that we don’t brush a brush we do finally finish this big one this is the body shop Satsuma shower gel also use this for bubble bath not as great of bubbles for bubble bath but she doesn’t claim to be a bubble bath so that’s okay I like the pump on.

These these big ones and I love this smell the Satsuma like Clementine I love the scent of this not so much their lotion but the shower gel love city what else is in here my.

Goodness I was on a bath and body kick Aruba coconut mmm oh yeah I finished.

This up in this summer I love this one I believe this is old packaging – oh yeah cuz it.

Says 2013 but I didn’t buy this in 2013 I think this is when they like release some old ones this has not been sitting since that long I promise but hair’s like poofy but I love anything kind of coconut scented sea mango body butter from the.

Body shop loved this I like the body butters I get into wanting to like dip my hand or I.

Don’t you know what I mean umm yeah I like this one I’d still like this that’s uma um well not in the cream but I like.

This but I wouldn’t go repurchase this particular one I guess I should say that okie-doke shampoos and conditioners um I have here suave swaps.

One of my favourite brands that you can.

Get at Target the drugstore so the price point is really good on these and they do amazing things I honestly.

Redken and I buy these I can’t tell a difference in how my hair is I just can’t now it looks a little crazy today because I’ll let it dry too much before I dried it and.

Then it was a mess and then I slept on a bunky I must have slept like this but this is colour care keratin infusion love.

This was an older one Moroccan infusion not sure they have that one anymore both conditioners because I had like a little bit left and then would finish them I finally finished one of these have had a little bit left in this but it’s old and I’m not going to force myself to use it off see 3 minute miracle deep conditioner I love the way this stuff smelled.

Like I said I can feel that there’s like a little bit trying to come out but this is a nice stuff.

I liked it I’m not loyal to it I wouldn’t run out and get it again but I think now they have.

Major Empties! 2017 Empties! (mini Reviews)

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