My name is Danielle I am a health wellness and fitness coach a cleansing oil is one of my favorite products I’ve been using this product for about a year I was actually using a product that had those like microbeads which they claim to be an exfoliant but they were actually irritants and would cause me to break out more.

Extra flaky so I was looking for something that was super sensitive at first was a little hesitant because it was oil and because I am oily but that’s not the case.

At all it has not increased any oil production if anything the previous face lotion that I was using with the beads would wipe away a coil that I had a my skin causing my skin to overcompensate and have to create more oil production so typically I would use this as the first step in my cleansing routine when I’m taking my makeup off this is just really clean it’s really light it doesn’t pull at all and it just feels really nice on my skin.

Caudalie Product Reviews | Cleansing Oil

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