Hey guys today is going to be my January empties today is februari first so I wanted to start off the month with a fresh start and get rid of some Beauty trash so here’s my bag of MCS and if you’re new to empties videos basically what i will do is show you a product that i used up within.

The month of january i might not have started this product but I finish it up in the month of January.

And then I will provide many reviews on the product and tell you whether or not I’d repurchase them so I’m not just hoarding this.

Trash just to hoard it I want to provide you guys with some reviews so that’s basically what empties videos are so I have a variety of makeup skincare 1 haircare item and some samples so let’s get started so I can chuck all this into the trash first I’m going to start off with a makeup and I didn’t really have any project pants going on so I don’t think any of these are project pan makeup empties so the first thing I want to talk about.

Isn’t exactly a makeup item but it helps me apply makeup and it is this elf kabuki brush as you can see like it’s weird it’s kind of like tape not tapered in the middle but it’s like squished in the middle because my dog chewed it like months ago I remember I was filming a tutorial and I looked away for a second and she ran off with it and I saw it again and it looked like this so I did purchase another one and I like it but I think this all was actually.

Better quality Ike actually kind of missed this one but it wasn’t really cleaning very well like it just kind of gross in the bristles so I’m just throwing it out because this is several years old and it was time for a new one to my Skerries to share with you and I loved combination of the two of these this one is the tart lights camera lashes mascara and this is a natural bristle brush.

And I do have a cup of this it’s just a really nice volumizing mascara and it does provide some length as well I really like it but sometimes I don’t like it as much by itself as I do with other mascaras so i would probably I don’t know if I’d repurchase this but I would like to receive it again if I got like a sample of it and the.

Other one I used up was it cosmetics hello lashes mascara sample and I love the combination of the two of them this one was more for like separating and it was really nice for the lower lashes so as you can see it kind of has that weird wand.

With like the rubber bristles and it has that spiky ball on the end it’s not quite as painful as the benefit they’re real mascara but I really liked this it provided a really nice length and separation a little bit of volume but not much that’s where the tart one came in and I just really liked this mascara i probably.

Wouldn’t purchase it because this is like 20 for dollars full size but i would like to receive a sample of it again i have two more I.

Products and this one all the writing rubbed off but this is the lorac behind the scenes eyeshadow primer deluxe sample and I loved this I went from this to using the Smashbox 24 hour photo finish primer and I definitely like this a lot better i feel like the smashbox one didn’t keep my eye shadows on as long.

As posted like creasing wise and i am using the Urban Decay one anti-aging one right now and it lasts a little bit better but.

I still think this one’s the best so I was kind of like if you about I primers like I know I needed one but I didn’t think they really deferred between all of them so i might be purchased this in the future I don’t really know because i think it’s about eighteen to twenty dollars and this lasted me for a good like I don’t know i’d say like six maybe five months something like that and.

It just was a nice clear primer and it was white when I came out but then you applied it to your eyes and it was just like it went on clear I really liked this and then the other eye product is this Laura Mercier caviar stick and sugar frost.

And this was just a deluxe sample and I can’t click it up anymore as you can see so it’s kind of like a champagne II bronzy taupe color so it was just really pretty I don’t love these caviar sticks but I used up one in pink opal and this one.

Was in sugar frost I like the color of this better but I feel like they don’t last that long on my eyes I feel like I don’t know as I got older my eyelids got greasy er I don’t know it sounds gross but I think that’s what happened so I don’t think these work for me all that well I definitely need to blend it out before I just set a powder eyeshadow on top.

Of it sometimes it will crease but this is a really pretty color I would like a similar color a cream shadow if I could find it but i probably wouldn’t repurchase this formula and then.

I used up a lip product this was the baby lips melon mania tinted lip balm from Maybelline and these a ton of product like they.

To like maybe about right there so you definitely get a decent amount of product for your money I think these are about three bucks and this was just a sheer pink color and this is my first lip product I used up this year I also don’t know how I went through so many lip balms last year because I feel like it’s taking me a lot longer to use them up I mean this.

Is only attempted lip balm but I use this so much and it took me like maybe three months a consistent used to use.

It up and I don’t know I wouldn’t repurchase this color because I prefer the cherry me one but I really want to try the covergirl Oh sugar lip balms because I heard they’re similar to the fresh ones I probably won’t be repurchasing baby lips for a while but this was really nice and then the last makeup item that I used up.

This month this is the Maybelline fit me concealer this is the third one that I’ve gone through I use this for my under eyes and sometimes on my face to conceal redness it’s just a really nice it’s not full coverage but it’s kind of like a.

Medium coverage concealer so it has a doe foot.

Applicator this isn’t a shade fair so it works well for my pale skin and I have a fourth one going on right now so yes I would repurchase this I have a bunch of samples to share.

You guys LS started the hashtag I think 365 days a sample so let’s put that right here so I’ve been doing that on my Instagram so I finished a decent amount of samples this month my Instagram is Courtney k-beauty if you want to check it out so the one sample I used up this was the Leonard Grail mask is like a jasmine hair mask and I liked it it was okay it had way too much of.

A perky nice n it was fine for my hair but I really didn’t love this so I would not consider purchasing this in the future I used up this glam blow.

Thirsty cleanse cleanser and I really enjoyed this cleanser it smells like coconuts like the.

Glam glow mask does I like the glam glow mask like.

The thirsty my mass but I feel like if it’s Hydra but I feel like that’s all it does for my skin which i think is just the purpose of it I like this it gave my skin like a nice glow.

But I don’t know if this was breaking me out or not I noticed sometimes I had some breakouts but I don’t know if that was due to like that time of the month or other products i was using I don’t.

Really know since it was like about a month ago that I finished this up so I don’t know I would want to try out another sample of this to see if it was breaking me out I used up this Laura Mercier radius primer and I really liked this but I don’t know I kind of felt like a.

Paint sent to it it was a little bit thicker than my L’Oreal magic Lumi face primer because they’re both illuminating primers but this.

Had more like a champagne color and that one has a more pearly color I liked this a lot I would want to try more samples of it or even have like a deluxe eyes sample of it but i’m not sure if I’d.

Purchase the full size because i like my L’Oreal one this is the polished choice earth source purely natural refreshing toner and i know this is laura or peachy keens favorite toner and I can’t really remember that much about this I.
Don’t think I did a whole lot for my skin.

Personally but it was fine I used up this philosophy micro delivery exploiting facial wash and this was super exfoliating it was pretty nice it kind of had a stint that I feel like you could tell it was kind of harsh I don’t know how to explain it really but it was okay I’ve learned that I don’t love really exploiting scrubs for my face anymore I like gentle scrubs but.
I don’t know like I don’t think my skin sensitive now but.

I think i just noticed that i like gentle or scrubs more i used to love really harsh ones but i don’t know i guess my tastes have changed this was nice i would.

Like to try another sample of it though because i really felt like it plumped up my skin and me my face really smooth and then.
The rest are perfectly posh samples.

So I had a sample in a tin like this but I lost it so this is the well this represents the perfectly posh BFF exploiting facial wash so it was kind of like the micro delivery one from philosophy but the perfectly posh version and from what i remember it was pretty harsh too and I do another sample of this to go through so i will try to remember my thoughts on it for the next month so i’ll.

Try to get through that sample as.

Then this is the perfectly posh make out magic and.

This was a lip scrub and a little goes a long way for this there was like a teeny teeny little bit in this little sample but it lasted me for a while it was fun I don’t think I really need a lip scrub in my life I just prefer lip balms I mean maybe if I have like dead skin on my lips I’ll just rub some sugar on it or coconut oil I don’t really.

Know so this was fine but it’s just not for me then I have to face masks from perfectly posh this one was the apricots overnight mask and you’re supposed to wear this overnight but it kind of.

Had like a white I kind of had a.

White-ish tinge to it when you put it on your face it did dry down clear for the most part but I didn’t see anything especially hydrating about this I know you’re supposed to wear it over night but I don’t like wearing overnight masks so I did wear this for usually around an hour or so but I didn’t really notice a huge difference.

But as long as I use a moisturizer my face isn’t terribly dry I just have to really take care of it so I wouldn’t got my way to purchase this but I would.

Like to try more perfectly posh products and then the last one is this in a New York minute natural effective by colic fast facial and you’re supposed to keep this on for 1 25 minutes.

And I didn’t really see a difference with this either he’s of a fragrance this was the route 21 21 black perfume and.7 fluid ounces as far as my eyes could read that this was a musky coconut scent and it was a nice like body spray it was a good room spray it did last on my body for a pretty decent amount of time this wasn’t my favorite perfume but it was nice I.

Think I’m gonna save this for my makeup MPs for the end of the year I would just have to see how many perfumes I can get through this year and I don’t know I think that’d be.

Fun to see last year I counted up how many lotions I used up last year and I’m sure if I’m going to do.

That this year but if you guys are interested I will do that for the next month and then just include these ones into that total so.

Just let me know what you want to see so the first lotion I used up was this signature.

Vanilla’s vanilla apricot body lotion from.

Bath and body works and this was one of my favorite sense it’s just a very nice basic apricot vanilla scent it was pretty nice it smelled pretty calming in my opinion I did like this a lot but this is a very old son I got this episode my annual sale last winter so I’ve had this for a while and.

I finally got through it I had like four backups of this one I bought it so this was nice but I have other lotions to go through so i’m not going.

To actively seek out this scent and then this one is the bath body works endless weekend travel sized body lotion this used to be one of my favorite scents but i think the Sun is different from the lotion to the body cream I really like the body cream stone it’s not as harsh i guess i don’t know i think the body cream smells more vanilla e to me so i would purchase the Sun again but I will probably just stick to the body creams I use up to hand sanitizers this month this was.

The crisp apples one and I love apple sense especially for hand sanitizer so definitely repurchase this done again if I could and this was from bath body works if I didn’t.

Mention that and this one was the marshmallow pumpkin latte one I really liked this I didn’t expect to like it as much as i did but i still do prefer fruity scents so i might think this up in the future but I’d.

Apple one up over this one and then I used up a shaving cream this month this was kind of a conjoined effort.

Between my mom and my sister and I when I was home and this is the skintimate raspberry rain Sun and it’s nice but I prefer the lotion eyes ones because it’s for sensitive skin in for some reason my like like skin is more sensitive than like I don’t know my breast of my body I guess so.

When I shave sometimes I’ll get some razor burn and I feel like the lotion eyes one does better than this one so we keep getting random.

Sense of this but i personally prefer the lotion iced one i have one hair care item it always makes me happy when I have a hair care item.

In my empty because I pretty much.

Never have them other than Shampoo but this is so lore’l total repair 5 damage erasing.

Bomb and this is such a nice hair mask let me smell it via has a nice fruity scent to it with kind of like a sour twist.

To it it smells really nice and I would definitely pick this up again I want to try out more hair masks or pick up my one coconut oil one that I like from Sally’s or if i can find the macadamia one cheap at marshalls or TJ maxx i want to get that one again but i definitely would or purchase this this made my hair so shiny and soft and i think.

This is definitely less than ten dollars so i would definitely recommend it if you’re in the market for a hair mask this was really good and then I have some skincare items these two.

Are always in my empties this one is thus whispers cotton rounds and I think I have the purple.

Any package now and I definitely prefer the pink ones for whatever reason these are the 80 count ones and.

These are really nice cotton rounds they take off makeup well they take off nail polish well and they’re just good and this one is the plate beauty oil free eye makeup remover and I love this eye makeup remover this is my absolute favorite one.

Very comparable to the Neutrogena one and I’ve tried bioderma as well I personally think this worked a lot better than bioderma bioderma was really nice because it didn’t leave.

My skin feeling like greasy or anything this can tend to do that but I don’t mind it because it just worked so well and I think it’s only.

About three or four dollars this is one of my favorite products ever this is the Murad hydrating toner I got this in my beautycon BFF winter box and that was such a.

Fun box I really enjoy their subscription service and this was a fine toner it was fun to try out because I haven’t ever tried a spray toner it’s just kind of like it.

Just had the best spritz but it was nice and it’s all a little bit fruity and they were tribe mira products before but i don’t.

Think this did a whole lot for me so I wouldn’t purchase it for myself and then this product was also sent to me but I used up this period or argan oil and I absolutely loved this especially for my face I didn’t love it as much for my hair I felt like it was a little too heavy for it even if I just put a.

Empties #18 – Lots Of Makeup! (january 2016)

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