I craft nerds thanks for tuning in so I thought I’d do a different kind of video for you this seems to be themed for me today I’m filming a few different videos and they’re all formats that I haven’t done before but they are things that are you know classic formulas for videos I guess that are on YouTube that.

I thought I would give give them a go and see what you guys think and see if it.

Works for my channel and you know fit it into the way I do it and see yeah how that goes so on that note I am doing an empties and don’t ask me why yeah I’ve got a hidden Christmas back why because I don’t know it was handy and I didn’t have anything else on hand to put things into what I thought could be kind of cool and I’ll have to see how this goes is.

To do empties which are traditionally.

A makeup thing but make it not just makeup and make it you know crafts things as well you know when I first came across empties videos I thought why the hell am I going to want.

To watch someone digging through their trash and showing me junk out of their trash I don’t get it and you know as I’ve gone along and watched what they really are and how they’re put together I realized you know the benefits of them which is basically the the reality of what you’re using you know you can.

Sit here and talk about the things that you say oh these are great things that I use and.

Like they’ll help you you know you’re trying to help people find something good tell people about things that you know you think work really well but then you know you might not see them talk about that thing again or just they don’t end up actually using it or you know you really learn what someone likes to you and.
Probably you learn a lot about yourself as well about what.

You really actually like to use by looking about at what you’re actually going through you know you can be really I think honestly can tell yourself you can lie to yourself basically.

And say oh yeah I really love XYZ but when you analyze it and you look at it you think oh hang on but I’m not really using this thing that I say that I like so you might like the idea of liking a thing I don’t know if I’m making sense so I’m just willing on um but I guess what I’m saying is you know maybe just like even.

For yourself if you’re not on YouTube just have a look at what you actually use rather than the things that you think you like what are you actually going through regularly and that.
Lot about yourself now with craft stuff it might be a little bit hard for.

Me to get empty in empties because a.

Lot of times when you you know run out of a thing there’s nothing left to show like beads you know there’s a plastic bag that I can show you afterwards or something like that but you know maybe I’ll do that I have actually got some bead related empties here and I’m gonna start thinking about how I can kind of show.

That to you guys as well because I think that’s gonna be helpful to see what it actually news you know there’s one Apple II I’m just gonna pull them out randomly because what there’s a whole bunch of stuff in there this is just like the packaging from the butterflies that I got for the wall so sort of like an empty and I’ve put them all up on.

Craft And Beauty Empties For January And February

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