Hi everyone welcome back and what a massive bag of empties to get through and show you today and it’s the end of the month and this is everything I used for the whole March so it’s um it’s a lot we best just get stuck straight in so the first here is a bit of a fail I include my.

Empties and my fails and in this sorts of years I do but it’s not got much left in it and probably one or two uses if the.

Herbal Essence is clearly naked naught percent moisture shampoo its silicon and colorant free which is why they’re able to market in this way but it’s not a natural sort of product.

It does have a lot of chemicals in it is it does have a lot of sulfates in which I no longer use where.

I shampoo my hair so rather don’t really shampoo my hair at such I suppose I would use a cleansing conditioner type product for that step but I tried sort of keeping it and using it on my daughter’s hair and Scarlett’s hair she’s nearly six now and yeah it.

Do nice things for her either so I’m gonna get rid of it this is my Listerine stay white it’s got markings on because it was in a project pants I’m really pleased to use that up quite a few of these two of them jumps and extra sensitive baby wipes and another extra sensitive missus Isis that Lane jaws extra sensitive wipes that the caps fallen off I coconut oils take my makeup off and then I wiped my face with those to take the coconut coconut oil.

Off before I cleanse my face and this is the Listerine Total Care 6 benefits.
In one mouthwash my husband uses that and.

He really enjoys it I’ve forgotten to say has been going on long I would repurchase the wipes I would repurchase the Listerine but I wouldn’t repurchase obviously the shampoo that I’ve not really even bother to finish this is the nourishing nail polish remover acetone free used to be a pink formula and now it’s.

Blue so I have repurchased that’s a dot in there I can see it’s pink and I thought was going matter.

I thought I picked up the wrong one but I’ve definitely repurchase this from super dragon is definitely the color blue now and.

This is child’s warm sensitive hand wash is 4x and prone skiing sites are full of dermatitis my hand yes I have enjoyed this I would repurchase it but I grow it for a song for it to be on sale because it when it’s not sell it’s quite expensive and although is more helpful for.

My dermatitis than normal hand wash it doesn’t sort of eliminate it all together so I wouldn’t be adverse to try something different but I wouldn’t be adverse to buying that this is sure for men maximum protection sport active my husband didn’t like that he said he doesn’t work and he won’t be repurchasing it and this is the flutter a de toilette from super drug and she concedes.

A bit left I had it in a project pan but it’s either gone off or I’ve changed so much that I can’t tolerate it anymore I don’t like it I wouldn’t repurchase it but I believe it’s been just continued now.

Somebody made a comment on my channel months ago saying how they couldn’t find it and I helped.
Them to look for it and I couldn’t find it either this is my 4.
6 2 dark garnet by alia this is the shade I’ve got in my hair and I really love it and I wouldn’t repurchase it in fact I do too and this is orange and Satsuma shower gel by Superdrug they’re.

Cheap and cheerful fruity shower gels can’t go wrong with him I would repurchase them but for myself personally I’ve been massively into soap & Glory shower gels and I’m gonna be sticking with those for the time being this.

M Colgate smiles for kids three to five years toothpaste yes I’m gonna purchase that this is in for care baby bath ultra mild I wouldn’t repurchase that I feel like it’s basically the same thing as sort of just white cream bath and it doesn’t foam up as good and it’s more expensive so I wasn’t impressed that out this is L’Oreal LV extraordinary oil.

Nourishing masque balm I’ve really enjoyed that that’s for dry hair and I would repurchase that so that was really good the one I didn’t enjoy was Agana ultimate blends the intensive para balm for very damaged hair that did nothing for moisture which you would think they might assume that the damaged hair might require and but yeah this was quite drying.
For my hair and this is the maple healer and I wouldn’t repurchase I.

Didn’t like it this is a fail it’s almost completely full but I really don’t use shave gel so my options were to either get rid of it or put it in a project pan I don’t want to put it in a.

Project pan and the packaging has gone sort of like rusty and manky and so I need that out of the bathroom so that’s.

Going to grow and this is Shore from then maximum protection clean scent it usually has a blue cap that’s fallen off this is all my husband loves that I’ve got haven’t bought ten of them through Superdrug when they were on sale no in fact yeah I miss the.

Sale and I ended up getting one from boots in.

The sale but I got ten of them anyway.

This is the boots fresh and.

Crisp apple shampoo this is – I bought it for Scarlett my daughter and it’s too harsh for her hair she can’t use that it’s.

Too drying and slipping and it’s got to go this is the baby dove head to toe wash sensitive moisture yes I would repurchase this I’ve actually just recently bought three of the large ones.

And I love that cheese on my baby and this is simple kind of skin moisturizing facial wash yep there’s my Holy Grail I’ve got probably six of them and in the drawer this is the body.

Shop vitamin E hydrating body lotion.

Wouldn’t repurchase that but you can’t because I bought like six of them.

As it were getting discontinued this was the Dermalogica 45 intense recovery body lotion I do like that and I would repurchase it if I needed to but I’ve really bought it from my hands before I realized that they do a hand version of it I’ve now got it looking about where basically this the equivalent of this product in the hand cream.

From their intense recovery line and it’s looking better so I’m gonna stick with the hand cream for my body alike so from glory again sorry about the sniffing guys I’m just getting over ever cold this is the boot smooth care facial hair.

Removing cream I like this and I also like the super drug wand I would repurchase.

Either this was a sample of Clinique take the day off makeup remover for lids lashes and lips no I wouldn’t repurchase that I.

Empties & Fails 2018 Feb – March

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