Hey guys Kelly fab here and today I’m gonna do my March empties for 2018 I do have a bunch of sample empties which you guys can check out in my sample project pans I can link those down below I’m just gonna run through them super quickly here but I am going to show you all the empties I have.

For beauty products I have some vitamins some essential oils stuff like that so if you guys want to see my March empties then just keep on watching peace of the first empty I have is a refill so it is from.

Meyer brand and it is the antibacterial foaming hand soap refill and it is in the pear scent this one I really did enjoy when I could smell I don’t have a good sniffer in the.

Wintertime but it does have a really convenient little top here that you can kind of push it into your other bottles Carter loves using the foaming soap he says he likes that.

Kind of the best so I buy the big refill refills and they save us a lot of money so if you guys are interested Meyer is a brand I think that it’s only in the Midwest northeast area I’m not exactly sure but I do know that they are expanding but I honestly by the Meyer brand more often than like the soft soap and stuff because it’s cheaper and it’s the exact same ingredients just saying so I did.

Really enjoy this I probably will repurchase in the future but right now we have tons of hand soaps that.

We are gonna go through before I start purchasing more so there’s that and as.

Per usual as you guys already saw I’m going to be putting the total and then the running total on all of these items so you guys can see.

What my totals were for the month the next item I have here is from Neutrogena and it is the makeup remover cleansing towelettes 25 pack refill I like buying these big bulk packs at Costco I get four of these and then two of the sample sizes and they last me a really long time I pretty much only have one.

Maybe two of these in each of my empties so I really don’t use makeup more than 25 times a month if that makes sense to you guys I only use these one removing my.

Makeup and I don’t wear makeup every single day so and I only use one I don’t need more than one because I do have a cleansing routine I do after so I’m not gonna waste a second one unless I have.

Like tons of lip swatches to remove or something like that but I would just use something else honestly but yeah I really do love these.

I use them all the time they do leave an oily.

Kind of film on your face but I always wash my face after so it doesn’t bother me.

It removes my makeup very very well it doesn’t irritate my eyes I recommend these to everybody I love them and the next one I have is the Garnier Fructis grow strong strength activator root to tip serum I love this serum it works so well it costs me $5.99 at Kmart I have the sticker actually right here I love this stuff I think I looked it up online though and it was a bit cheaper I.

Want to say than that so I’m gonna post the current price online but I use this all the time.

I use it right when I get out of the shower in my hair is starting to dry I’ll put just like a dollop size like maybe a quarter at most in my hands rub them together run them through my roots underneath my hair and then all the way through the ends I don’t like to.

Put this in my ends first because it’s too thick and it weighs my ends down so but I do really enjoy this in my roots and it doesn’t make my roots greasy at all I will be repurchasing once I’m done with the current one I’m using I’m using it something different than this that you guys will see and probably my next empties but I will I will be.

Repurchasing this in the future the next item is this axe Phoenix Wright revitalizing shower gel guys have seen this in one of my vlogs where I cleaned out it’s like cleaning.

Out my closet vlogs or whatever where I cleaned out my linen closet and I have a bunch of these that I want to use up my husband gets these from Christmas a.

Ton of times and he doesn’t use body wash in this form he uses bar soap which is perfectly fine and actually better for the environment because.

Then you’re not wasting a ton of plastic I will be recycling this but I didn’t really like smelling like man all the time but I was feeling very very clean after this and I felt.

Like it worked really well I wouldn’t repurchase this at all but we do have a.

Few more to get through and I will be using those up just to get them done but I’m I am happy to have a son it did smell really nicely if.

I wanted to smell like a man but it didn’t stay on all day which was nice it just stayed out for the morning so it wasn’t long-lasting at all but it was.

Very cleansing and it didn’t hurt my hoo-ha when I washed down there in that.

Area cuz I do have problems with some soaps hurting in that.

Area if that makes sense sorry to have like way too much TMI but just being honest here ladies and gentlemen but this one didn’t hurt at all so I wouldn’t repurchase this but it was nice to use up the next item is a vitamin and it is from.

Nature made it is the sublingual b12 vitamin and it is 100 M C G’s and this is.

The 50 count pack I think these were buy one get one free so I have two of those one of these that we are.

Working on right now but I take a vitamin b12 supplement because you guys do know I don’t eat much meat I do.

Once in a while eat a meal containing meat but typically I don’t eat.

Any meat at all or super super little meat I am almost I want.

To say like I’m like going towards I was completely vegan over last summer and then now I’ve.

Kind of gotten back out of that habit and then I’ve been kind of getting back into it so I have been eating a significant amount less of any meats and dairy products I don’t do.

At all I had ice cream the other day and I didn’t realize that it wasn’t almond milk ice cream and I was gassy and bloated and oh my stomach hurts hurting so bad for like three days in a row it was terrible so that reminds me why I don’t eat dairy I don’t do cheese’s or anything like that so.

I really do like to take this vitamin to make sure that I’m getting my b12 in for the day and this is fine I just let it dissolve under my tongue it’s perfectly fine my son takes it too just because.

He’s kind of more gearing towards the same as me more of a plant-based Whole Foods diet and yeah anyways I would definitely recommend that if you’re looking for a supplement of b12 the next.

Item I have is the Olay fresh effects acne control face wash and this has the of mandarin orange and green tea in it this is very very old it has since been discontinued you.

Guys saw this in my bathroom shower essentials last summer I love this it was so gentle on the skin I literally washed my face with my eyes like almost open one time just to see if it would irritate my eyes and it doesn’t irritate the eyes at all.

Which is super super nice and.

Yeah I would definitely repurchase this if they had the same formula unfortunately the formula has changed and you can’t find this exact kind I’ve even tried looking this up on eBay and on Amazon to see if they still had it and they did not so I did link down below a product from the Olay brand if you guys wanted to check it out but unfortunately this one has been.

Discontinued I did love it though and I would be willing to try something from Olay again in the future just because that one was so nice on the skin and then the final empty I have for you is from nature’s truth and it is the aromatherapy calming essential oil blend and I love this one for.

At night it is a rollerball which is fine so I kind of set it upside down but it was so nice to just roll on I can’t really smell it anymore but it has a.

Very like fresh kind of citrusy floral e scent I don’t know but it was very very calming I would put it on the bottom of my feet on my.

Brainstem and behind my ears and it really did help me fall asleep and make me smell really nice when I fell asleep which was nice I’m not sure my husband didn’t say he noticed anything or any scent or anything like that which was good because sometimes I put stuff on if he’s like oh what.

Are you wearing you know he doesn’t like it so this was really nice it was very very gentle and the skin it soaked in very quickly I didn’t have to wear socks to bed or anything like that because that’s weird for me at least it’s okay.

You like it but I don’t like wearing socks to bed and yeah I would definitely repurchase this I have a couple different kinds of essential oils I’m trying out right now but so.

Far I really really did like this calming one and I will leave a link for it.

Below you can get it at quite a few different Play says if you want to try it out but I really enjoyed it so I also forgot to show you guys that I emptied this Burt’s Bees beeswax lip balm and this is the.

Original one here is the inside I like dug it down trying to get all the product out of there I love these lip balms I buy them all the time and I usually get a bunch for Christmas time so they last me all year I wish that they were cruelty free they are not but I mean they are cruelty free but they’re not vegan obviously because I.

In them but this is the one that works the best for me I do love it and I enjoy using this and I repurchase them all the time so I will continue to do so until I find something better so that was all my empties for the month all my.

Like full-size items which is crazy so I’m just gonna run through a few of my sample empties that I had from the.

March Empties 2018

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