Of these products that I’m going to show you today are in your local Walmart and I just used that to like slicked back my hair you know just a mushroom from.

One of our ponytails or post I also had this Cantu for natural hair coconut curling cream defines and moisturize dry damaged hair I any has no sulfate silicone parabens or mineral.

Oil I definitely use this when I do my twist off and braid outs because if your hair um it’s going through a little rough patch you know especially.

In the winter time but you don’t have to worry about that much now because it’s still warmer outside but this is a perfect and it’s thick and it’s creamy and it has a very pungent smell but I like it um it’s not offensive very coconutty as well you can find this at your local Walmart Target or on drugstore like Walgreens or CVS okay.

Had to change locations my mommy just came home and I didn’t want any distractions so I only had two more runs left to show you guys as my creamy my craving ice cream products all of you use on my natural hair and this one is from cream of nature was argan oil from Morocco for natural hair it is the strengthening math kernal repairing d3 mid helps restore dry damaged curls for all chrome types and.

Transitioners no fries no forget snowed rice again you know I love the smell of this I’m not sure if it’s the male’s like Moroccan argan oil but I have this is what it looks like I did mentioned this in one of my natural hair videos well wasn’t natural hair but I use it on my own I used I did a test on it with my kinky curly wig and.

I use this in the coconut curling cream from Cantu and I did on my way to show you wish when I think was the best which has the best lip and.

Everything I know a lot of girls here on YouTube have talked about this product about this line because they don’t like the way it smells because they say to perfume me and the smell is offensive but.

I don’t think the smell is offensive it doesn’t really bother me I love the smell but all I can tell you is I do recommend this product but if you’re sensitive to smells I would say open it in your store or whatever story you’re in open it and smell.

It first before you buy it do not buy it without smelling it because I know I’ve heard I watched a lot of YouTube videos and a lot of girls.

Don’t like this product because of the smell but I personally love the smell and I don’t find it offensive last but not least is my shea moisture you put in plantain anti-breakage.

Thickening styling milk this is um another product that I also.

Had featured in my natural hair staple product – our staple product or video that I did which.

Was already talked about that’s going to be linked down below and up top in the corner and this is one of my this is one of my go-to um creamy hair natural products as you can see it’s.

Like right here is on this much less than this product basically hydrate and replace the moisture back in my hair after I’ve.

Been wearing my bachelor hair a couple days and also when I wear my wigs when I do my protective.

Styling either went on brown ways I either wear my hair to straight white clothes or I wear and you know flex like bhisma and Plex or I do this and you know where we can be a very to be very drying to your hair and so it was a restore the moisture to my hair I take my.

Hair out i detangle that section I put this on my hair they can go through brush it through just to make sure that is English privilege evenly distributed throughout my strands and I even twist or read of fiction back and then you know wear it again and then after that.

Week I will take it down and wash my hair you know go with the same routine you know I go to wear.

Weeks for quad wiggies that you know where we’d often you know and how many products was that one two three four five six seven seven products that are perfect you know what up all these part of some boom are y’all but you can find them at your local Walmart Target you know drugs or CVS Walgreens anything like that or a look at the supply store.

Thinking I might be spots or occasional sometimes through new supplies those can be a little pricey but I would.

Say check Walmart first because you know Walmart um Anthony care care section be poppin sometimes especially after they restock y’all so don’t be sleeping on Walmart but um yeah y’all so what I got to Shea Moisture products to Canton products one Garnier’s one left to cook you P can work with your nature the.

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Creamy Products I Use On My Natural Hair

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