Between four and five dollars at Walmart next I have my.

Shea moisture coconut and hibiscus curl enhancing.

Smoothie with protein and neem.

Oil for thick curly hair and y’all my hair texture is changing I’ve been using that a wild growth oil and my hair has gotten so dang on thick especially in the middle.

Does anybody else have thick hair throughout the crowd a head is just like loose curls tight coarse hair loose curls our y’all you gotta show love to every bit of section but anyway this has no sulfates no parabens no phalanx no Parsons no propylene glycol glide glycol no synthetic fragrance.

Notes instead coming Oda and no animal testing and you can basically you know section your hair and apply father’s firmly to Denver’s right here do not rinse out style hair and.

Desired for your best results used as a cream a styling cream.

For twist out braids and washing those styles.

And this is I think one of the most popular products that Shea Moisture that on Mexico’s use on their neck here I just bought it as you.

Can see its brand new varieties use it it has a strong coconut smell I don’t know what a big tea smell like but is a very.

Creamy product it’s very thick in consistency if you cannot tell and for the first time that I used it I loved it any made my hair smell really really good secondly I have just purchased this new Guardian from tease actor fruit protein called.

Curl nourish buttercream leave-in treatment with coconut a hobo and macadamia oil and it is for most defined freeze persistent curls the three day moisture and two proven it has.

Basically it does have some will have a coconut smell um I know a lot of girls yet has a coconut smell I don’t know.

The macadamia oil smells like but I like this I like it smells pretty good I definitely used this on the other day when I took my arm I did a – I – French twist and then I wrapped them in fancy knots I was just trying some and I’m for the first day I use this to help you know the sections that didn’t come out right I just put it on I just put it on my hair for the sections it.

Did don’t come out as curly any help you know add a little curl and a little bounce to that.

Section especially in the back for some reason I’m having um my curls one stretched out it can’t be heat damaged because I don’t put heat on my hair it’s often but it’s a very thick product and I.

Use this after I rinse out my um my regular conditioner I’m gonna get it together y’all I use this as I do my um my rinse out conditioner and then I spray some leave it on and put this on here to make my hair moisturize.

And then you know I do a two strand twist out or whatever um I have my Cantu shea butter grow strong strengthening treatment promotes growth and strengthens hair and protects from heat damage and this.

Is the 100% um shea butter is from the cancer line as you know cancer is a very affordable natural hair product line it’s coming up so.

Good oh my gosh I love the way Cantu smells it is very affordable you can definitely find this little low in your local Walmart most.

Creamy Products I Use On My Natural Hair

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