Hey yeah welcome back to my channel it’s me Carly cake glam and I am here today to bring you another video so before you I guess you know there’s something different about me I am not wearing a wig usually I come on video and I have we gone but today yeah let’s see em Iran or cut excuse my.

Limb shifts my skin just one little do.

Great this week so you know you know how they go girls but anyway I just finished um walks not watching.

You know over here I rinsed my hair on because I had some gel in this if I can walk in the natural club for the last two or three days and so I want to just you know firstly detangle my hair and put some twists in it.

So that I can you know have a twist out and the remains for the rest of the week that way I won’t be.

Putting my hands in my hair constantly but I just finish doing these twists um i braided the root but it.

Could be taut and tight that where my roots won’t be puffed up cuz you know sometimes we do a two strand twist your roots are keep.

Puffing so I learned throughout my natural.

Hair journey that you just to help that.

A braid and being you know do two skirts which is fun but that’s not what this video is about I’m just talking just rambling um I just want to come to you real quickly and show you my favorite natural creamy products.

I know I did a video on nothing long as oil on my staple and natural hair products which I will be linked down below and I’ll put on my card up at the top.

So if you have not watched that video you can check that out but here you know as an ex girl your products Corino build up over time.

Because you just be thinking you guys purposely and endlessly in the store because they turkey rocks anyway um yeah I just want to show you my favorite nursery products um they’re not in a heavy rotation but you know I’m just like I’m trying to UM take.

A breather from where which was a while and I have some creamy products that I use on my hair can maintain my hair you know when I’m not wearing twist out or braid out and I want to slick my hair back or you know put in.

A post no just keep my hair moisturized throughout you know it’s time until its next wash day.

And first I want to start off by showing you the electrical QP olive oil and mango butter moisturizer and this is the intensive treatment and this is a moisturizing butter of mango and olive oil creates intensely rich thermal protecting treatment use olive oil mega butter was Riley moisturizer daily for softer and fuller looking hair and it is just too.
Excellent for finger selling.

To friends with and spiral rock six transitioners can apply a blend.

Of textures texturizer skin defined curls in a ways and this is.

Just what that looks like I bought this from my.

Local Walmart and I love this smell honestly it’s you condemned nearly smell Domingo not so much the olive oil but it smells good I definitely use this.

Um you know throughout the week if.

You have done a twist out or you let your on natural perms just flowing you want to just add some moisturizer here I use this to moisturize my hair and you know to resent my old twist out or braid out smells pretty good it’s very affordable I think it’s somewhere in the ridge.

Creamy Products I Use On My Natural Hair

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