My name is April Lockhart I work in brand marketing and social at Kota Lee America’s one of my favorite products is moisturizing toner I love it right after it cleanse it’s just super hydrating it gets like every little bit of makeup off even after I cleanse it contains one of our patented ingredients phenol of your which is amazing.

At strengthening I’m a little bit red sometimes after I cleanse so I feel like it’s very calming what I love about this is it’s not like a traditional.

Toner when you think of like old-school super astringent it’s very hydrating I think like even the name can be misleading sometimes it doesn’t leave my skin feeling.

Toners do and so I feel like it really balances the pH level and then it like preps my skin really well for my neck serum.

Caudalie Product Reviews | Moisturizing Toner

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