Out but I’ve never had a problem when I go outside one of my first tests for any type of foundation or really any product.

That I put on my face want to make sure that when I’m in.

The Sun my skin looks like skin not this quick mix you know what I mean what this.

It’s just used as a highlighter it totally does what it needs to do and it allows my skin to still look like skin and of course it’s a very clean product so it passes that rule of three that I have four products they can’t go over a three on the ewg scale so it’s winning there and I will also add that.

This stick while being pretty expensive at 46 bucks it has lasted me forever you don’t want these to be in your drawer for a long time because they’re really clean products.

And they will spoil but did last quite a long time and I got plenty of use of it I went to the bottom of the previous stick you never do that rarely do that that’s.

Like getting to the end of a nail polish like that never happened at the end.

Of the day this is obviously something that I would recommend to you maybe not as a foundation but as something to supplement that or if you want.

Something sheer foundation wise this could be great just know that it will be sheer and it’s a little bit different from other foundation sticks out there before you buy overall I love it I’m a huge fan I’m so.

Glad I got it’s like little moment on the channel and yeah thank you so much for watching I really appreciate it if you enjoyed this video make.

Sure you put a thumbs up do you support the channel as always don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss another video like this one well my current subscribers my style shaker squad Wow I love you guys I’m so grateful to have.

You here every time and I cannot wait to tell you to see you again next time until then bye.

Vapour Organic Beauty Foundation Stick Review | Swatches, Green Beauty Guide

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