That mascara you’re out the door that’s what I want I’m getting pretty close.

I’m getting pretty close kind of fits into that girl show you where I use it so what I do is it smells they have a lot of essential oils by the way so a lot of people can’t use vapor Beauty.
Because of that they’re very highly sensitive to essential.

Oils I want to put that out there if you have sensitive skin.

This may be irritating to your very very fragile.

Sensitive skin but what I’ll do is I’ll take it either on the stick or I’ll use my finger I’ll just really lightly apply it over a moisturizer so I have a moisturizer on and a primer primer moisturizer very similar but you know a little different SPF something like that and then I will just glide it on and it gives a very subtle glow if you are into the disco ball I’m going out I want to like stop.

Traffic with my cheekbones congratulations that’s pretty cool this is not going to be that product for you this is sort of.

Daytime you can go out in the Sun and not look like like I don’t know like a mirror mosaic I don’t know where that came from it is a subtle subtle lit from within I’m gonna.

Say that 800 times this should now be a drinking game but let your drink be coffee or.

Water probably water let’s hydrate my cheekbones and then I’ll put it kind of on the tip of my nose sometimes contour a little and we’ll put.

This on my eyelids I’m not gonna do that right now because I’ve shadow on air absolutely probably daily do the Cupid’s bow and.

It’s again it’s super lightweight.

You don’t want it to look like you have metallic buttercream frosting on your lip because like this is again subtle the goal subtle works.

Really well in all of those different areas this stays on my.

Skin all day does it look greasy it doesn’t feel greasy it doesn’t make anything oily which is really positive for combination skin just what I have you.

Have a number of different colors 9 total right now on dermis or calm which.

Is where I bought it decent that’s kind of where we’re at any industry of course we would love to have.

More but alas 9 it plays incredibly well with the rest of the products on my face I can blend it in it sinks into the skin it doesn’t sit on top which is something I really really don’t like.

It I’m always on the lookout for is no SPF in here so if you want SPF and you’re using this as a foundation if you just want that really sheer light coverage this is an option for that make sure you have your SPF somewhere woven in probably before hand with a moisturizer.

And this would just sort of really look nice on top of it you can set it with a just translucent setting powder I would recommend now probably the well people bio powder I believe humanising whatever with bio.

Brightener invisible powder I switched from the RMS beauty powder to this kind of recently and it’s been doing it’s been doing a great job for me so you can set.

It and kind of eliminate any extra shine if you have oily skin but just know that the SPF is not already baked into this one for me and never irritated my skin again there’s essential oils in here so it could potentially break you.

Vapour Organic Beauty Foundation Stick Review | Swatches, Green Beauty Guide

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