Mushroom coffee yeah doesn’t taste like mushrooms I don’t know just like that do love a good shroom not that guy what is California moving on hey everybody welcome back to the channel I’m brick creator of the style shaker at your guide to green beauty and I am back with another product review today it is for the vapor atmosphere.

Luminous foundation stick aka stick I’ve used this product for quite some time I did in comparison review video way back when I first started doing all of these green beauty makeup reviews feel like I’ve needed an update beat it a little more love a little more of a spotlight shined on it here we.

Go real fast I’m gonna point this directly in your face if you’re going from toxic to non-toxic beauty in your legs or you’re just.

A little freaked out and you’re not doing those noises totally understandable it’s overwhelming I have a.

Freaking beauty guide for you back on the website all yours it’s a one-pager it’s the thing I wish I had when.

I first started this crazy crazy transition from toxic to non-toxic beauty believe it’s there for you if you wanna go get it I’m gonna stop talking at this pace and get into this foundation stack.
Vapor organic Beauty atmosphere luminous foundation stick is.

What I’m talking about is in shade 120 that’s gonna be blown out because of the ring light so I will swatch it for you to see up close and it is $46 it’s expensive it’s not cheap I know I know a lot of the stuff that’s.

Not cheap this was one of my.

First clean beauty products that I bought actually the reason I did the first video is because I was comparing different foundation sticks like hourglass and Bobby Brown back when I use Teflon on my face you know back in the.

Day about a year ago wow it’s only been a year little bit more I wanted to give it its own little moment here because it is a little special and unique in a certain way usually when I review foundation sticks they talk about most frequently asked questions I.

Will cover those as well but I just want you to know that I do not use this as a foundation SiC so there’s that probably the first thing to talk about in my opinion a foundation stick covers up I don’t think the coverage here is thick enough and heavy enough to deem it a foundation stick I still love it though I’m still obsessed with this I love using it as a very very subtle lit from within highlighter and I kind of.

Use it everywhere also makes me think about the overall goal here as I try out these beauty products and I really start focusing on the inside-out holistic beauty approach what I’m doing.

For that right now is drinking a lot more water and with every meal I’m adding two cups of green stuff because I had to keep it up I can’t like go vegan I can’t like you have seeds all.

Day long I just I know that I need to get more.

Green stuff in there but the goal is to not have to wear a lot of makeup is saying have to I don’t have to but not have that need to wear a lot of makeup and let my skin.

Just sort of do its thing and use makeup to play around with and you know get dressed up with which I love and respect but every day I would love to just do that like a little moisturizer a little bit a little.

Vapour Organic Beauty Foundation Stick Review | Swatches, Green Beauty Guide

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