To get through one too I think two more Sun blocks by the end of the year and I have one that’s in waiting but there’s two specifically I’m trying to get through and that’s a little bit more realistic but um one of them is a lot thicker so I don’t know how I’m gonna get through that I have three in total so I’d like to get through them all by the end of the.

Year but we shall see cuz it doesn’t always work that way but I think it’s a really nice sun block I just want to try it what else is out there and get her the stash that.

This time I will not be repurchasing the last two items yes so if this one is brioche II oh I think it is and it is for hair repair I got this from a box I think it was from beauty fix and I tried it it is don’t despair repair it’s deep conditioning mask it works okay I.

Wasn’t overly impressed I feel like you get something for cheaper though I did get it for free I just feel like they’re just regular condition works just as well for me the masks don’t tend to do much so I know for me I don’t really understand the appeal too much I just rather use regen their conditioner they may.

Work for some people I do tend to have drier hair but it was okay I just wasn’t anything to write home about I feel like my regular condition where conditioner works well enough that it’s just like I don’t need the extra step so thank you Beauty fix for sending you to me.

But you know it was just there the next item is Queen Helen I think it is Hellena Helen it is oatmeal and honey scrub so I used to use this all the time and this was in my project pan as well success now I have a bottle left and so it’s no surprise I got through this I’ve.

Been using it since the beginning of the year and I found the guy through it was one of those things where I.

Used half of the bottle and put it away so I finally went through it I love this I think this is a really great quality product it is.

You know really reasonably priced it may have changed since I bought it so I’ll put it to the side how much it runs for but I felt it works really well especially you.

Out there with sensitive skin like myself it didn’t irritate it and went on really nicely it’s just a nice gentle scrub it’s not harsh and it worked really well I used.

It twice a week I would definitely buy this again but I have so many scrubs I have three scrubs that are just waiting to be used so I won’t be buying this for a while because I really want to get through all my skincare because I have so much skincare you guys I have a box like this.

Under my cabinet and then another half box full of product and it’s one of those things that that’s the reason why I’m doing is low buy and that’s why I’m doing project pan is because I have this thing where I’ll just buy all the skincare stuff because.

I’m interested in the new stuff coming out but I don’t even use what I have and it’s such a waste of money and it’s such a waste of space especially living in a major.

City I want to clear out that cabinet and so I take it a picture of that box and I.

Will hopefully show it if not this time in a project pan but I want to get through these it’s taking up space it’s taking up my life and the more I’ve gone through these items I see that it’s almost frustrating like it frustrates me like what are you doing and so I’m ready to let go a lot of things and I feel good about it and so when I pan these.

Things I feel so good because it’s just one step.

To really cleaning out more so I’m really starting to go through things quickly I didn’t expect to do empties.

This often I hope people aren’t bored with it but I’m going through those half-empty or half-full items and using them and getting them out of that which is adding.

More room and I’m getting through things quickly so yes and that is it a four to day these are the items that I picked up and used and gone through and panned and I am so happy I am so happy.

So the private one here soon and a project pant at the end of June so I can tell you where I’m act and then there’ll be one in October with the ones that are chosen.

In the grand finale so yes let me know how it’s going for you.

I hope it has gone well let’s keep plugging through stuff that we don’t need get it out of there and find out what we really enjoy because when you have too many items.

There’s almost too many choices where you really don’t know it works for you and what doesn’t so get a handle on it that’s what I’m trying to do and I feel really good about it so what’s the next time have a fabulous day my friends bye.

Empties! Thoughts & Reviews On Numerous Panned Items #3

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