There’s other scents of this collection that I prefer a lot more which brings me to my next one this is the wild vanilla.

And and this is the madding wild Madagascar vanilla one this one I loved this one I freaking love the consistency is.

Perfect and the scent is absolutely wonderful so while this would kind of disappointed me it had the wonderful to see moisturizing properties that the body shop has I really preferred this one it’s such a beautiful vanilla scent but it’s not just plain vanilla it has a floral scent to it as well so it’s just good I just love it I actually this is the only.

One that I have so at the end of the year when they do when they do the 50% off sale I will pick up a couple of these but I won’t be picking up this one again the next item I actually did a review on this is Claire’s and this is a Korean brand it’s one of the Korean brands that actually if you.

Are into cruelty free this is one of them it is Claire’s and they don’t sell.

In China so I love the cream brands it is now illegal to use tested in South Korea on you know animal testing but the problem is is that many of them sell in China because a lot of the different markets sell to each other like Korea.

To Japan to China and so Korea it’s a huge market because it’s the Asian market near them that they will sell into China but of course if you sell.

Products in China you must do animal testing which hmm so Clair’s is one of those brands that does not so I am a big fan this is actually one.

Of my favorite products I ended I have two more bottles because one of them was by a certain amount.

You got one free and I did that late last year before I went into my big low buy but this is the midnight blue calming cream and I loved it I have a video of this on my rosacea what I use for rosacea and I love this one this is such a beautiful cream yes it is a small glass container but this.

Will last you a good six months so you expect to.

It to last because a little bit goes a long way very calming it does work on rosacea does it completely clear it out.

Maybe but you have a liner case for me it does definitely help but does it completely get rid of it no but I absolutely love this product if you have oily skin like myself this.

Is really great just to wear during the summer you know with nothing else it works well enough as a cream if you have drier skin you would probably need something a little bit more the next item which also I will be putting a video up on is oh actually it’s completely full nevermind but I will be putting this to the side so this one.
Is in my empties package and I did really get through this one.

I basically have one application left and then I’m done this is a balm that there’s there’s four of them but there was the one peak one that has mineral oil in it I don’t like using mineral oil so I’m going to use that and be done with it because mineral oil locks up your pores you don’t want that but this one is for sensitive skin and it doesn’t have you know any mineral oil or.

And alcohol in it it works really great it is a Korean brand I probably won’t repurchase it not because it’s bad it’s just not my favorite scent and I feel like there’s other bombs out there that I think I would like better so I’m gonna go ahead and pass on this one I wouldn’t repurchase it because I want to see what else is out there so I haven’t made two more bottles with the blue and then the pink one that.

I just threw down and realize I had that one I thought I was done so I have two more.

So go through those and I have like a few liquid ones so they should get me through most of the year.

And then starting 2018 we’ll try some different brands the next item is the deep clean this is another bomb now I’m gonna have a video in depth.

On some of these products coming up originally this is from Missha which is Korean BAM brand.

Which you can get here in the US originally when I did the video on it I thought this had no mineral oil because there was two different descriptions and there is mineral oil in it now here’s the thing mineral oil because with bombs you’re gonna be washing these off so that’s why I’m kind of okay with that is because you put it on the skin and then you wash your skin so it should take it away and then I use a.

Toner so there’s not gonna be any mineral oil left on my face but I just kind of want to move away from it so this one worked.

Really well and it was a decent price but I think again I just wasn’t wowed it was worth like a standard bomb it worked really well but I just looking for that one that just makes me go wow I want to use this all the time.

And then we haven’t found it yet so I’m kind of trying all these but I need to do a little bit more research so a couple other items and this is the juice.

Beauty and this is the stem cellular age wrinkle whenever I treatment this thing I reviewed at the beginning of the year I used it towards.

The end of last year and then kept using this this thing lasted me.

Like three or four months and this is just a trial size this is so worth your money but what I’m going to say is for me it didn’t work it did absolutely nothing to my my area it moisturized it okay even those two sir um because.

I have oily skin but it really didn’t do anything so I’m so happy when it was done because it just kept going Emily please stop and just keep going and going and going and I finally ran out and I was like yay because I wanted to move on to something else the.

Juice Beauty line just honestly didn’t do much for me I don’t.

Feel like it made any improvement in my skin at all and this was no exception so I would not repurchase that the next item is again miss cha which is a Korean brand you’ll see a lot of cream brands hair this is a lot.

Of proof Sun milk and what they mean by milk is it’s a lot lighter when it goes on to the skin I really like it it’s really good for the summer I don’t find it overly oily I have an oily skin individual so.

It was just nice it goes and really lightly and absorbs light Lee has 50 SPF I really like this one but again I think I’m trying to find something else so I’m branching out a little bit I do.

Have a few of these this was actually my project pan so I am so happy that I got through this one so yes project pan I am.

Empties! Thoughts & Reviews On Numerous Panned Items #3

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