Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel so today I’m going to be doing an empties video and some of these items you will see in my panning video as well for the year and I’ve been very successful now some people are gonna be wondering how I’m getting through stuff so quickly because originally I was only going to.
Be doing this every 3-4 months part of it is.

Because I’m the type of person who gets bored so easily so what I do is I will use part of a product and then move on to the next one so I have all these half half and half empty things or half full depending on who you are the items mentum I.

Have leftover so I’m slowly starting to get through these which is clearing up this place I am so happy note to self use the whole product before you go onto the next thing but I have a very impatient and I want to try the newest thing and so.
Now I’m really buckling down on.

I’m gonna do is some of these items you may have seen before but I I’m starting to get through them let me do start with two items that I panned but not that I really panned so this is the Urban Decay all nighter and the chill makeup setting spray I’ve been.

Starting to be very diligent about what I put onto my body and things and these guys had alcohol like the second or third item and it’s the type of alcohol that’s really bad for your face I don’t want it on my face now some people like it but what it does is it the alcohol that’s a non fatty alcohol you use.

It dries out the oil but what it does is it once boy your skin’s too dry so then your skin starts working overtime to produce more oil which actually just makes no sense because you’re trying to get rid of and it’s helping create more also these type of alcohols that they use break down.

Underneath the skin so you don’t see going on in the top what’s happening underneath this the skin absorbs this and it’s destroying like the collagen underneath which cannot.

Be replaced so for me it was a waste and it’s a very big learning curve you can look at it like this is a waste of money I think I got one of these free and one of them I paid full price on the good thing is now I am more cautious when I buy things I read the labels and so I won’t be doing that any longer so it was a very good lesson of read.

Labels before you buy things I now have new primers that have no alcohol or at least not the poor kind so these two I did not even end up trying much enough to review them they are gone the next items are that what I’m talking about.

Where I use half and then I save it so this one was the body shop rose and I have a couple of these I have one.

More full one left but this was a half one I ended up using it it is done you know it’s a nice rose scent it isn’t my favorite rose scent I do like roses but as I’ve gotten older I’ve kind of outgrown it when I was.

Like a teenager it’s like I love rose and now.

I’m like yeah it’s okay you know my my my sense of smell I guess has gotten more complex and so this is not necessarily my go-to anymore but it’s nice it was a little bit gummy in consistency I’ll have a review video on that coming up but I wouldn’t repurchase this one I just feel like.

Empties! Thoughts & Reviews On Numerous Panned Items #3

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