It sounds a little bit clearer and I prefer mode 1 to mode 2 another thing I like on speakers is a magnetic grill and this has those.

Not only that but it also has a magnetic remote so that’s kind of cool now you have no excuse for losing the remote you can just place.

It right on the side of the speaker I think these speakers are perfect when pairing it with something like an echo dot so you can make these pair of speakers smart just by connecting.

An echo dot to it now these will also work well as computer speakers now the only thing I wish and I mentioned this to Micha is it looks like these are the same size driver as.

The concentric ones from the cove os and so I’m kind of curious what it would sound like if we were to use the drivers from the cove os maybe something they can look forward to in the future in the Oh n 3s next.

42 X now these are powered versions of the famous mica MB 42 X’s that I love MB 42 X and the P.

V 42 X’s are the same in almost all aspects except for the PB 42 X’s are powered here’s what they have in common they both have a four inch carbon fiber woofer a 3/4 inch silk dome tweeter.

Their rear ported and they have something called a Zobel network and the Zobel network is a pretty advanced network which is more advanced than what you’d find in many more expensive speakers this also has a magnetic grill.

Overall I like the way that these speakers sound they’re not super bass he or anything like that and you can’t expect that from small speakers but they sound good for music they sound good.

For all different types of things and if you’re able to cross them over so that they don’t produce all the super low bass response and have a sub take over in that aspect.

You have really really awesome speakers I’ve connected them to.

My home theater and they sounded good.

There I’ve connected them at my desk they worked well there also there’s something special about these n be 42 X’s than PB 42 X’s so the PB 42 X it has an RCA input and a 3.5 milimeter input it’s 15 watts times 2 and the power brake that comes with it is kind of a tiny power brick and if you read some of the comments on Amazon a lot of people say that you’re going to get better power and a better response if you use a bigger.

Power brick and so I tried one of the ones from the or Gaines and to me when I did my test it did sound a little bit better you could turn it up a little bit louder and when you did it retained more of the bass more the clarity so one quick tip maybe.

Try a better power supply now they have two more things Micah came out.

With some subs they came out with the MS 10 a 10 inch woofer and a MS 12 a 12 inch subwoofer both of these are.

Rated at 80 watts RMS and 120 watts peak.

Which doesn’t sound like a ton but trust me it gets the job done especially if you’re not using it in a huge room if you’re using it at a desk or a small apartment I think it’ll do fine you might be surprised.

Would say give it a try first they claim to.

Have a very flat response I did notice that they sounded very musical which I know is not a term that people like me to say but basically I’m saying that it works well for music because it’s very linear and it doesn’t have that one note punchiness that some subs do it uses a treated paper cone which I like people always say bad things about paper cones but you know what say what you want.

But they do have a nice sound to it that has just different characteristics so there’s nothing wrong with paper cones they’re lighter they’re stiff it’s a good material to use for woofers and they’ve been using them for a very long time it has an RCA input as well as a high-level line level input so if you don’t have RCA’s out you can actually output from the.

Amplifiers high level input it’ll work on any system it has a phase control so you can flip from zero degrees to 180 degrees there’s also a volume so you can make sure that the volume.

Is not overpowering compared to your main speakers and it also has a low frequency crossover and you can.

Adjust that using the dial both of them are front firing which is good because the speaker moves back and forth and I’ve noticed some of the downward firing ones kind of want to.

Make the sub seem like it’s once it’s like jump off the floor so the port is facing downward but the speaker’s are facing forward on the 10 inch they claim that it can go down to 36 Hertz and on the 12 inch they claim down to 29 Hertz they both have a Velcro grill which is kind of hard to take off which is good because you don’t want that grill coming off or rattling it works for me I preferred the 10-inch model it felt.

Very musical actually and I felt like that app did a good job of powering the 10-inch but I did notice that when I.

Compared the to the 12 inch version could hit lower frequencies easier than the 10 overall I am very satisfied with a lot these products that mike is coming out.

With to me they are the king budget audio file they come up with a lot of products that are great values at very low cost I appreciate what they’re doing to me that helps a.

Lot of people get into audio.

And so thank you Micah so for some recommended setups if you’re using a TV you may want to try something like this on Amazon they have an optical to.

RCA converter it has a remote.

Which will allow you to turn up the volume up and down from there you can connect that to an aura gain a 250 so it doesn’t need to be the one with a DAC because the optical to.

RCA converter is it gonna do that from there you go from the organ to some unpowered and be 42 X’s.

And because the aura gain has the pre out you can connect that to the MS 10 subwoofer or ms 12 depending on what.

You like so that’s gonna be a great setup I’ve tested that here and I let some friends hear it and you know they’re pretty impressed check it out you think you can watch like that oh yeah for sure hey so what’d you think about this honestly speakers are pure sound it doesn’t sacrifice bass for clarity it’s it’s all one are you gonna sell no I’m not.

Selling that’s how much they sell for is all that sound just from the two up there all the sound is from those two right those two that little amplifier and that sub down there also I should mention that I had techno dad come by and I had him listen to it and I think he was pretty impressed with it as.

Well I’ll let him comment below see if you can find him down there and he’ll tell you what he thought of the setup so that’s for a.

TV setup now if you want to set up something for the computer I think it’s even a simpler setup because you’re not gonna need a remote so for a computer what I would recommend is two different setups one.

Might be the organ 8250 because it’s a DAC and have that connected to some passive mica and be 42 X’s for a sub output I would connect.

That to something like the MS 10 using the pre out in the back so that’s gonna be awesome you have your DAC you have your amplifier and you have your 2.1 channel setup if you want to connect other sources you can and you can easily switch back and forth with the switches in the front pretty cool another.

Just use the line out from your laptop or desktop from 3.52 rc8 now what you’re going to want to do from the RCA’s is to use a splitter so to the rca’s will go to what I would recommend micah PB 42 X’s right so it’ll go into the back and there you have your main speakers the reason why you want a splitter is because the other two are gonna go to a subwoofer so for our desktop something like the MS 10 that’s gonna be a crazy crazy.

Good setup so anyway that’s it those are some of the offerings from mica Thank You Micah for sending out these products for me.

To review if you have any questions about these products go ahead and ask below and I’m gonna do my best to answer all of them as I’ve said before I have a podcast on my.

Patreon I’ll leave a link right here but on the next podcast actually planning to do a collaboration with two other youtubers so stay.

Tuned I’m gonna release that to everybody so stay tuned it’s gonna be something very good very exciting topic that’s it I hope you found the video useful if you did make sure to LIKE subscribe ring the bell you know what.

To do anyway take care good night buh-bye.

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