Hey what’s up this is Joe with Joe and tell and today I’m gonna be reviewing a ton of products from mica I’m outdoors so sorry if you hear crickets or dogs so new from mica are there new amplifiers so they have an amplifier called the aura gain a 250 so the a 250 is 50 watts times 2 at.
4 ohms and 30 watts times 2 at 8 ohms so I.

Know that that’s not a ton of watts but keep in mind that this is at point 5 total harmonic distortion and some of the other manufacturers rated at 10 percent total harmonic distortion which is kind of high more than you would probably prefer so the a 250 has an RCA input it.
Has 5 away binding posts it comes with nice 3.
5 the RCA cable and a huge power supply which I’m gonna mention later on so as far as the build quality I really like the way it feels.

The volume is very smooth on it and I can tell where the volume is without even looking.

Because it has this a little notch here it also clicks when it turns on its knob actually feels awesome so it clicks to turn on and it’s stepless so it’s super smooth here compared to something like this as like steps so does this one here so I like that very tactile and.

Nice the thing I like about these app is they have a pre out which means that you can connect them to other apps or you can connect them to a power it’s a woofer kind of handy right so.

As far as sound quality I have no problems with it very clean no hiss as good sound quality wise and build quality wise and some of the SM SL and some of the other amplifiers that I’ve tested out in the past overall.

I really like these or gain I like what they’re doing with it and so I hope they continue to improve this line they also have the aura game ad.

250 so ya this includes a DAC here and that means that you can plug this directly into your computer it comes with the same.5 to RCA’s and it also includes a USB connection in addition if you want to connect this to something like your TV it has an optical spit F connection to switch between the analog and the different digital connections there are switches on the front which I think are really cool very tactile again I think that they have something special with.

Really like it very cool I think it’s gonna be something people are gonna really.

Like when they’re using it at their computer especially if your computer’s built-in DAC isn’t very good this is gonna be an upgrade from that moving on they have a new powered speaker called the OM 3 now.

This is a full-range speaker and looks very nice first thing my wife said is this she likes the way it looks very different very sleek and it like it fit in the decor of a house it has a volume knob on the side it has RC inputs in the back and a 3.

5 millimeter input on the front it also comes with a remote.

Control and they claim that it can go down to 50 Hertz now that’s.

Pretty crazy claim considering how small the speaker is and depending on the modes I want to doubt that they are able to do that with some of the DSP trickery that they have so there are two modes on here one with that enhanced bass that’s mode 2 and another one where where it’s more of a flat response and to me.

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