Review on this one claim that they do have well not this one D de DT claim that there was a lot of longevity problems that I don’t know.

Is right now because it’s the first time I’m gonna be wearing it so I can definitely let you know if you would like with me but dumb comments and I’ll let you know more about like the compliment.

Factor I’ll let you guys know about the seizure I’ll let you guys know about just.

The performance in general or I’ll let you know exactly you know what I think of it.

What other people thought of it again this is a Dolce Gabbana’s the one it does have like I can smell the orange.

Blossom note in it like it it smells like alright and I also do get like a like a small whiff of the the tobacco so far but this is something that I believe that you can wear but does not like to the.

Office this is good for like a date night or going out for the night but also it means more importantly it’s gonna be more for cooler weather you don’t want to.
Wear this as of right now it’s gonna be.

Too strong probably overpowering might offend somebody you might not well in my opinion this is not one that you’re gonna be want to be wearing during the summer time I would say wait until fall anyway.

What are you guys wearing today what did you just pick up let me know what do you.
The one ETP let me know down in the.

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Dolce And Gabbana "the One" (edp)

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