Be really geeky me what’s up guys welcome back to another episode of Rosie’s world I’m your guy as always Rosie I’m here to bring you today Dolce & Gabbana’s the one now I know many of you already have this one all right and you probably already have some thoughts on it but for the newcomers for the guys who.

Don’t this right here is like a Holy Grail this is a staple and a lot of people’s arsenal when you spray this.

On you’ll immediately become the king you are the goat okay you are the fucking one now this is not a pay-per-view or anything like that this is.

Simply my own opinion on this all right so any statements are completely my own you can definitely go ahead and try it but what that being said let’s get down.

To business I don’t have a knife it’s my own fucking don’t make me in like like a little you know what actually I don’t need it Kobe is that okay since.

He retired can I still say that about change the good player let me know all right so Dolce and Gabbana’s the one black box silver lettering engraved right 100ml nothing clearly I have this cologne for like two months later it was waiting on you.

Guys mattes you’re here we’re gonna go so fresh off the box first thing I notice is that the fucking top is like weird like.
Flip-flops whatever picking it up anyway I wanted to wait more.

For like winter fall time reason being is that this fragrance is gonna be more for that season I didn’t want to open it now and have you guys you know thinking about getting it for the wrong season but since we are pretty much like mid-august or almost mid August we.

Can start thinking about getting it because next month I know everybody is excited they get to fucking use a lot of their fall and with their cold like I have a lot of stuff that I like to use for like that season I’m more of like a like a stronger sane person whatever anyway alright so it’s a nice design I like how it looks now like orange-ish or brown I’m gonna tell you.

Guys what’s in this one one more so I’m gonna top notes.

You have coriander basil and grapefruit in the middle notes you’re.

Gonna have ginger orange blossom and cardamom and then on the nice dry down no tobacco sensual amber.

And cedar all nice notes well blended together to be honest this is like this is kind of gonna be like brand new review for me since I bought it like I don’t really remember exactly how I smell – I remember I like I did like it when I got it so I’m out.

Like four pumps distributions kind of nice it has a nice opening to it this is actually gonna be the symptom I’m gonna wear.

For today to since I’m not really going anywheres air conditioning here so controlled environment I don’t have to worry about overwhelming anybody’s stuff so that’s it it’s gonna be just me in here alright I don’t have to worry about anybody today maybe I’m just gonna take over my whole house with this thing I’ve got I got this one from Amazon I probably paid I think around like believe I paid about like 80 bucks maybe 16 80 bucks for this I don’t quite fully remember but that’s the price point for this that.

You can expect to pay for this type of fragrance now this is an EDP so it will last a little bit longer a lot of guys or a lot of people who did a fragrance.

Dolce And Gabbana "the One" (edp)

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