Stuff but this is melatonin this is triple-strength melatonin three milligrams so nature’s bounty almost 120 in here so if you don’t know I’m melatonin is great for helping you relax and things like that I have very hard boobs I’m yeah.

These worked okay you definitely I prefer to take like three milligrams is not enough for me so I made I took a lot of these but this was a you know was a pretty decent brand if you just have normalcy sleeping problems problems nature bounty and all.

Day or all of their vitamins.

Are really pretty good the next three products are all my Dollar Tree products you guys y’all know I go – Dollar Tree and I’d be trying to tell y’all like I’m sleeping on my store.

So these are products that I have already repurchase all of them I actually have like three empty bottles of these allergy pills that come 100 and they’re just pretty much knockoff.

Benadryl you guys the greetings are exactly the same and they’re freaking dollar I take two.

At a time yes I know honey I’m different okay so that’s why I run through these so much but I guess I have like three bottles of Indy’s of these I cannot go into a.

Tree and not repurchase them especially during the spring time killer these are Ginkel pebble bill bubela whoever you guys I talked about these before in a favorites video I do have these I’d have a purchase these these are for they support healthy memory and circle and brain circulation so I do like these because I do have a fir gift for mine and I feel like those are helping me.

When I take them on a regular basis.

I do feel like they do help then I also have these music mucus relief and you guys they pretty much the same things knickknacks they have that same main agreement the same the grams in it and I really do like these cuz he helped me because sometimes during the spring I had to run my admitted fire but that hurts my bronchitis and my chest so I just need some relief and my necklace was not even on okay that in case oh this is the end of the video guys.

I hope you enjoyed this video hope you enjoy my empties hope this wasn’t too long but I love these videos because they give you a small short review of various different products that I use and I would love to know about what products you have used or you may like in this whole empty so leave a comment down below.

You guys in the next one is for you girl miss Kristin T don’t.

Forget to thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe follow me on all my social media networks until then see you in the next one smooches you.

Buy Again Or Naw?! Makeup, Skincare, Hair & Beauty Empties Product Reviews #missressat

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