So much okay well if you can’t.

Tell it has like this ball on the end which spice and that’s my favorite part of this brush is I think the bristles are pretty I mean they’re different they’re curved and they go from big to small but what.

The part that I really liked was the ball on the end.

Of course I got that on me because it was great for grabbing these little hairs here in the front I really like that well I repurchase this I don’t know like if.

I come across the coupon I probably wouldn’t purchase this because I.

Really liked the ball cuz my bottom lashes are very small and I do not like um lash I haven’t gotten to the last world yet I’m sorry so but that was a great product I would recommend it so as far as makeup I think that’s it I do have this sponge in here I don’t even remember where I got this from with this sponge like I wedded it I wet it and it cracked up on me and stuff but I don’t remember where.

So I’m sorry I can’t go into detail with that so another beauty product here err DS.

Right here you guys these are from global beauty care they’re cleansing no scripts in charcoal removes.

Blackheads across floors works in ten minutes this is mom I got this oh yeah the camera cut off on me so I don’t know where we was at on this just know that.

These are four Dollar Tree Dollar Tree these are freaking awesome and she did see a name-brand version when I was in the store I think I was in Walmart the other day and they was like be or by be or and I like your products but I.

Didn’t pick them up cause I was like I could find these again that I’m gonna get these from Dollar Tree they’re.

Only three I did not check to see how much was in the viewer package and I believe those were around like five dollars bang I should have checked that but these were very good very good very good so everything left I have you guys well this is.

Beauty this is witch hazel this is also a Dollar Tree product I’ve never saw the witch hazel before okay apparently there’s a little bit little s in here but I use which angel as a toner for my skin part of my skincare routine this is actually not technically empty I just poured this into my other bottle but I threw.

It in the empties cuz I mean the bottle itself is empty but this is what I use to apply my toner it goes like this and it presses down this is awesome from Dollar Tree of course I got it in my favorite color purple and I think that’s the awesome product but yeah I just started using this this is witch hazel.

Okay we’re winding down you guys the rest of my stuff it’s like really random y’all know how I do.

I have some Mod Podge this I just wanted to put this in here.

To include to let y’all know that Dollar Tree does this my does does have Mod Podge slow.

Down Caressa um so yeah that’s all I wanted to say if you did not know you can get this size it’s nice little small size which lasts me a very long time to fluorescents in Dollar Tree.

And I’m not gonna go into detail on these but I did have a lot.

Of empties in regards to my medicines a lot of the things that I take to help me daily and.

Buy Again Or Naw?! Makeup, Skincare, Hair & Beauty Empties Product Reviews #missressat

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