It’s not it was not mad at all like it was just like the elf ones like it just it just took the cake in this away and I guess I’m like okay that’s not fair because I’m not mad at the elf one this one for not being mad but kind of spending more from NYX I don’t know I think it’s y’all hike me up okay that’s why I’m more upset about that one hole in two ways moving on this is from LA Pro concealed there concealer this is.

In the color toffee yes no this is.

Fawn I finally finished his fallen Tamera forever to finish this because I prefer I think font is a little too light for me toffee is my preferred lighter shade and I bought this was so long ago when I first got it and I thought fun was was my highlighting color but I can I can work with fun I could definitely pull off lawn fawn but it.

Like the appropriate time because it is a bright highlighter for me like I said I prefer toffee for my skintone but yeah I cut the bottom off miles because I want all of my product y’all so that’s a little trick I.

Do that for all my pros and sells about any concealer that’s like that I mean this.

Dark cocoa and this is my shade color this is my concealer color absolutely love this have already repurchase this in my color.

This bad boy and it may have been in the.

Last and please but I took it out of the basket and I’d long I had to stick upside down y’all I scrape the hell.

Out of this I don’t know who in my hometown like I.

Don’t know who your are but stop buying this I’m so freaking tired.

Of y’all like I cannot find this in the store empty where.

This is come a girl queen three-in-one flawless if you’ve been following me this is nothing new y’all this is my staple foundation I have a Amazon link down below that keeps all my favorites.

In there this stays in there guys this right here it’s my after myself oh okay all this is three and one all day flawless foundation is basically foundation sunscreen what’s the three things I don’t know this is bomb I love this because it.

Does have sunscreen in it does not give.

Me a white cast this color true M&E is my color like it is my color y’all have it on today please stay here and try to tell me my funny she don’t look good y’all I love this foundation it is flawless it never does me wrong and I cannot find this Walgreens CVS Walmart true ebony is always sold out I went to go buy it.

On Amazon because that’s how much I freaking worn it and it’s only an add-on so I have to spend $25 before I can.

Add it on so I keep buying little things and have had a chance to spend $25 but when I do I am repurchasing that even though I don’t need it because I bust so many foundations within this past year that I have not finished but I have to have that like that she’s bad.

Okay I talked too long about that moving on covergirl solo last blast pro mascara I actually got this is another one I got from Influenster I really did like this to be honest the brush is very unique here let see.

Me wipe so now if I see the focus on the brush and not in my face no no no no it’s like what are you doing you’re doing it.

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