Hey loves is your girl miss rusty I don’t want this to be big thank you Halos is your grandma’s recipe and I’m back with another video thank you so much for clicking on this actually appreciate it what’s up to all my old loves y’all know I appreciate y’all so much thank you for coming back hey to all my.

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Okay so I talk too much so we’re gonna go ahead and get started please ignore my hairstyle you guys I’m in between protective styles if you watch some of my natural hair videos you know that I am on a natural hair regrowth of my edges journey I’m.

Trying to repair my edges and then I’m also protective styling this year but I’m in between protective styles and I had to get a video out for you guys so this is how I’m wrecking my hair and so I can get it done so yeah and don’t worry the one month update for where my edges.

Are at is coming okay I just didn’t feel like I’m doing these today so that’s why that’s not the video you’re seeing this week moment is.

To N see you guys you guys know I like to do all different genres but genres the right word I don’t know I like to do all kind of different empties you know from from makeup to drugs medicine medicine you guys to skincare all that great stuff so yeah let’s get started with hair cuz that’s what I see first.

So first this is my baby I do not need to talk about this long this is the cream of nature mango and shea butter ultra moisturizing leave-in conditioner for a dehydrated hair or that is say that this is awesome dot-com get you some get.

Your life get your life this smells so good and it absolutely works and I called myself already repurchasing this job we purchased a big one and it turns out I bought the condition her not to leave in conditioner so here still needs to go replace that because that is definitely being replaced like there’s no no question about.

It next I have from Alpha Chi effigy Pro vitamin leave-in conditioner this right here I like this product I don’t know if I’d be repurchasing this because I don’t too much care for for liquid leave ins and there is another one from black orange that I actually like more so I think that’s the one that I’ll be repurchasing but I do like to have this especially when.

I do up the whole effigy thing I thought when I do a protein treatment I.

Like to use I use their protein treatment their balancing treatment and then they’re leaving I just tried to use it as a system so this is why I had but um it was great I can’t I don’t think it was like anything special about it I.

Just felt in my heart that it worked better with the system and it was doing something in protecting my hair when I used.

With the system okay let’s see any more hair product we have from tropical house living jamaican black castor oil Bay this is deathly part of my regarding my edges stage and I have already purchased this a brand new bottle so yeah hmm.

Also from hair I have this is this clean freak refreshing dry shampoo oh the brand is not your mother’s not your mother’s clean Frank refreshing dry shampoo this is not empty you guys this is a no this is a no for me I got this actually as like a.

Um what do you call it like a promo thing for influenced or flosser is a place where anybody who has social media following can sign up and they can.

Get free products I always get great stuff from them I love influencer this was not one um this dry shampoo was not for me I would love to.

Know one that is for me and for my natural hair but this this made my scalp go crazy that’s like literally my scalp just.

Went retard and I don’t have scalp issues I don’t have dandruff I don’t have like flaky scab I don’t get those things like my scalp was on fire I.

Literally put my head under the.

That bad boy out it was no joke that’s not for me let’s see that’s amore here that’s a keep on my stuff like this bag breast cancer bag really separated I think that’s all for hair I’m gonna move on to beauty so the first thing I grabbed here you cannot tell what the title is anymore but this is else this is the mayor makeup miss and.

That spray I have is the same one that every person know I repurchase the Matt magic missing set so I love this – this one – just spray on my face before I set put my setting spray because it really just takes the cake in this off and honestly this one does the same thing I.

Don’t see any difference between the two I feel like Matt it doesn’t really make my face matte I like to put this on before I put my final.

Setting spray on so technically I did repurchase this and I will continue to repurchase either one of them because I just love it like I said it just gives.

You a fresh face and even if you don’t have them makeup you just want to refresh your face it’s really good.

And it’s a great price is from ELF oh and then I find another hair product okay okay this hair product right here is Ambro pro style y’all know what this is y’all know this black jail okay I’ve had this for years when I tell you for years this is so inspired.

Like it’s so be honest expiration date but I finally finished it it’s like still a little bit in there but it’s so dead.

And I own cuz I only use this like for my edges because see my edges are not here eco styler gel I just like air control no no you gotta pull out the black gel okay from my edges so finally finish that out now I’m back to beauty we have.

Another spray this is the NYX matte finish long-lasting setting spray Imagi hype me up doing this I’m so mad.

At you two for hyping me up on this spray and I went I across America finding this spray cause it’s not so at all anywhere within a 30 miles 30 miles from me and I went all across America to get this and this sucked like I don’t know.

Buy Again Or Naw?! Makeup, Skincare, Hair & Beauty Empties Product Reviews #missressat

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