The day cream and their serum and everything but this particular product I just cannot figure out the purpose of it’s it’s it’s nice but you can.

Live without it sorry about the light it’s really don’t you outside and the Sun keeps coming up and then.

Hiding again I think we have some sort of a storm.

Outside so yeah sorry the next thing is.

The clinic take the day of cleansing on beautiful thing I usually use it in the shower just to make sure I remove all the makeup from my face and I use also makeup removing clothes well I shall show it to you later maybe wanna get reduced and but yeah the combination of the two was absolutely brilliant and we just take off old makeup.

Foundations I have actually managed to go through a lot of foundations from my collection which makes me extremely happy because at some point I had way too many and I was like ok.

Sit down and start using the one by one until you run out of them because it’s getting ridiculous so I did that and.

Listened to myself for once and I actually managed to go through some foundations that I do love and some politicians that I do not like.

At all so let’s have a look the Bourjois healthy mix.

Foundation serum it’s this little fella here absolutely know that it’s in the.

Color 51 vanilla now 51 light vanilla so I really love it I will probably buy another one once I finish with a few more whole nations.

That have ah one of my questions it’s the Max Factor vicinity or the flawless 3 in 1 foundation I have had this for years I think.

I still have a little bit election bottom but I don’t think it’s safe to use it now it’s absolutely beautiful I loved it and it has brilliant pool coverage not much more to say about it actually if you want to see more about the foundation you can go to my foundation collection video I pretty much give you a little bit information about all of them there ah the L’Oreal.

No I didn’t agree with it I don’t like it I know many people love it I managed to actually go through it and just now.

I have a completely empty bottle but no oh my biggest pain the Max Factor whipped cream foundation ladies continue.

Thinking why Max Factor why it was the most beautiful foundation it’s this life.

Texture and this one I have a little bit of it’s too old so I’m just going to be in but it’s absolutely beautiful can you stop making it again the Revlon Colorstay foundation from Norma my dry skin I do not like this it does not stay on my skin I really don’t like it I’m not going to find again I do not understand the hype about it I absolutely hate it.

I’m sorry can see that this is the maybelline instant on th eraser many people love it I think it’s a very good concealer I will probably at some point you purchase it again but for now again I have way too many concealers to call your buddies this is.

A face Perfector MAGIX by April I still have a little bit of it left but I’ve had it for ages so I’m just going to bend it a taste lovely in.

The gives you this very flawless blood texture of your skin at some point I was actually wearing it without any foundation and it works brilliantly so I’ll probably buy it again okay you must care us that’s how ok we have the bourgeois one second Volume Mascara which this one it has lovely.

Plastic Bruce Lee brush now it doesn’t have bristles it has plastic stuff it was very good I probably will buy it again at some point again because I have way too.

Many mascaras but it was very good product and I do recommend it Oh another favorite.

I love this I will certainly be playing another one sorry about the light I don’t even know if you can actually see something apart from my extremely pale skin that’s reflecting some but yeah this is the falsifier HD mascara by 17 cosmetics absolutely beautiful it makes your lashes so full and long and amazing.

I will divide this again it’s good that I actually reminded myself about it but last but not least I’m getting rid of so many eyeliners I have a whole blog post about Ireland as you can find it in the description box below so I’m just painting something because they’re rubbish so the only one that.

I actually liked was the even long-lasting one it has been discontinued from what I remember come find it anymore so that’s a shame the other ones which are the L’Oreal perfect.

Slim super liner and the ciate fierce flicks eyeliner this seventeen make your mark eyeliner they’re absolutely rubbish all of them absolute rubbish you applied them twice and they’re gone that’s it they’re not black enough they’re not pigmented enough they don’t stay on I just take rubbish absolute rubbish the only one that’s not too bad is the next make me beautiful perfect look ink liner this one is decent again does dry out a little bit quicker than I would like it to but it at least is it’s acceptable but the others.

Are rubbish so that is my little basket.

Of products are going in the bin this time but yeah do let me know what videos potentially you would like to see on the channel because.

Now I do have my technology functioning so potentially I can make videos if you do want me to you but make sure you subscribe very important and.

I’ve no idea what the next video is gonna be but subscribing you see right see you soon.

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