How do you know everybody long time no see it has been a while I think maybe a year since I must be here which is a long time but I have to take your issues 10 I didn’t have time but anyway excuses excuses pretty much I decided to film this video now because I was planning on making a.

Post about product empties or things that.

I’ve cleared out from my makeup / Beauty drawers and I was standing on in to be a blog post but I asked on Instagram and you guys said that you prefer a YouTube video so there you go you get a YouTube video because some of you voted for it and yeah.
Thank you so without talking too much because.

We don’t want this video to be two hours long I will be showing you what I have in this pretty box obviously purple in which I stash stuff when I finish them oh when I decide that they’re way past their expiration date so let’s have a look what we having there we have quite a few bits I’m not going to put them in.

Any order I’m just going to randomly pick stuff and I’ll share with you whether I buy the.

Thing again or not and whether I liked it but obviously it’s just going to be a quick chop slash from here because we’re not going to go into details because if we do it’s going to be way too long video all right so let’s.

See the first thing that I pick from that is the Vichy I ET alia or ever however you pronounce this peeling it is writings activating night peeling care it’s.

This little bottle here I have written about it in the blog and so you can go check it out I think it was in one of my favorites I’ve had it since December it’s just a serum that you apply and evening and you just glue it on your skin it’s brilliant and.

I’ve actually already purchased my second bottle and I’m using it now all right speaking about Dodger skin my skin is generally pretty good but occasionally I have the awkward breakouts that I cannot possibly figure out why they’re happening but the other thing that I used was this freedom.

Overnight clearing serum I don’t know if you can actually see it I try this way no idea if you can see it but yeah I have written about it in the blog as well it does help.

Quite a lot so have a look at it if you have problematic skin so okay apparently were continuing what skin care and this is.

A mini bottle of the estin order advanced night repair absolutely beautiful serum oh nothing much to say there everybody loves it got it from my mom as well I think she likes it Javan said otherwise and she would if she didn’t so yeah.

It’s pretty good serum possibly I will repurchase it at some point but that correct because I have way too many other things that I need to go.

Through a sample of the Vichy mineral 89 booster fortifying and plumping babe whatever this thing is all over the internet and everyone is so hyped about it honestly to meet makes absolutely.

No difference it is lovely to apply on your skin feels very nice cooling makes your skin soft once you apply it but long-term this is section of my first little bottle I think I had three of them no change whatsoever it literally is just nice to apply and that’s where everything ends I a huge fan of machine and I’m.

Product Empties || Things I Loved And Hated

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