Hello everybody good morning brandish a here I just wanted to update you guys all in Larenz with us as well just wanted to update you guys with what I received from Grove I am on the VIP list so I was able to get the Fall collection a little bit earlier than just the regular folks that decide to order.

You’re unsure of what it is but basically it is a kind of like a delivery service but they.

Have all natural products and it’s anything.

Candles to chap sticks deodorant they just have a whole slew of things so I’ll put the link down below in the description box if you guys are interested other than that this is the scent that I chose there’s three three fall sense that they have this one obviously it’s the pumpkin scent then they also have I believe apple cider in mum which I’m actually gonna try next but this is the excuse me the five piece kit or the five pack.

Kit that I ordered so basically I have the pumpkin scent the multi surface which I pretty much use for everything which is a cleaning cleaning spray this is the hand soap that I use in my kitchen and then this one is the dish so if you guys can’t read that already.

But they also throw in the marigold yellow it’s basically just a kitchen.

Towel but it’s so pretty it’s that mustard color and then like a cream which is gonna go perfect in my kitchen if you can’t figure that out already.

And then they also throw in a maple and Meg soy candle which I thought like you.

Know it’s fall so it’s probably gonna smell like pumpkin or like a vanilla pumpkin like.

Most candles no you guys this just not good hello Lehren you trying to talk to us but yeah this does not smell like that this it smells like I used to get these chai tea lattes and this is.

Wish you could smell this through the canter through the UM the screen but yeah this is crazy it smells so good I haven’t lit it yet because I wanted to show you guys first but yeah I’m totally gonna bring that all season long I’m probably gonna.
See if they have a bigger candle but.

I’m hoping that when I burn this it’s actually gonna smell throughout my house and not just in one area maybe I’ll have to get a couple who knows but anyways just want to let you guys know I’m also if you use grove and for some reason your package gets split as like mine i they send me these and then these two came a couple days later but they’ll send you an.

Email and let you know if that happens and then they’ll also send you like a free gift so you can go in and see what it is if you’d like my free gift was oh i got a it’s a kitchen scrubber like a brush for my kitchen it’s.

All-natural i want to say it’s wood and it has I don’t know what kind of bristles it has but anyway it’s in my cart they send you a link and then the next order that you get you’ll be able to get that for free as well so if you are interested in any.

Of these products for a cheaper price I know you guys could get these at Target – like mrs. Meyers I’m sure they I don’t know about Walmart but I know they have them at Target they don’t have this extra stuff at Target and a lot of times during the seasonal the seasonal periods.

These things sell out so fast it’s not like you can never find the whole set you might find the multi-surface but you’re not gonna find the hand soap or.

Dish soap in the multi-surface but you won’t find the hand soap so it kind of just depends on what you want and they are priced a little bit cheaper as well I think Target probably has them for pushing like $5 a piece and online at the grow site I want to say it was three something maybe high threes but yeah anyways VIP member I will leave the link down below if you guys are interested and with VOP VIP you also get free shipping so.

Hope you guys enjoy this I will go ahead and order the apple cider and the mum so I can get this sent for the multi-surface and then I’ll let you guys know what I think of it as far as the pumpkin scent it’s not what I thought it was I thought it was going to be you know more of a vanilla pumpkin smell it’s more of a pop the pumpkin can open and smell it it is really good it’s a.

Little strong for my senses but I do really like it like i said i’ve been using it you can tell it’s.

Already down here i just put these two out so this one hasn’t been used yet and i think i use this a couple times but i do enjoy it and it does make my house smell and feel just like fall so i hope you guys enjoy these scents and all the other.
Fall scents from miss Maier i still am in.

Love with the peony scent which is a spring seasonal scent that they have I have extra of that in my cabinet because I just bought more than I needed to because I love it that much but anyways that’s all I.

Have for now you guys I will update you next time whenever I receipt or when I order and receive.

Meyers fall also the apple cider scent for the fall seasonal of mrs.

I’ll talk to you guys later have a great one bye.

Mrs. Meyer's Cleaning Products Review | Fall Scent Pumpkin Cleaner (limited Edition)

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